Words and Monuments Call for Video Professionals: Request for Proposals
June 9, 2022 Project: Words and Monuments 2022 Quote deadline :  June 23, 2022 Extended! June 30, 2022 Project...

June 9, 2022

Project: Words and Monuments 2022

Quote deadline :  June 23, 2022 Extended! June 30, 2022

Project Description :

to Canada Council for the Arts Digital Now Grant, Literary Arts Windsor in
partnership with Essex County Black Historical Research Society can access
resources to hire media professionals who have lost work because of COVID-19
restrictions to promote our artistic endeavours and create new digital formats
to support our organizations.

About Literary Arts Windsor: Promotion,
Performance, Publishing (project administrator):

Literary Arts
Windsor is a registered not-for-profit charity. The mission of Literary Arts
Windsor is to introduce Canadian books and authors to residents and students of
Windsor and south-western Ontario in such a way as to inspire them to
recognize, read, and celebrate Canadian authors. The main activity of Literary
Arts Windsor, BookFest Windsor is an annual volunteer-run, internationally and
nationally recognized literary festival featuring readings by authors,
discussion panels, book launches, writing workshops and more.

Project Dates and Objectives

digital project will accomplish two tasks. The first is to promote and document
these unique activities at BookFest/Festival du Livre Windsor October 13th –
16th and at the Tower of Freedom Monument October 22nd, focusing on the
literary and cultural heritage and research surrounding this important part of
Canadian history. By documenting the activities presented by Literary Arts
Windsor, via BookFest / Festival du Livre Windsor and the ECBHRS, students and
members of the public will have a permanent record of these events and their
historical impact on the community.

second is to use these funds to hire women and BIPOC arts professionals from
this region to project manage, produce, and edit live streamed and documentary
videos (panels and one-hour documentary) to be available on our digital
platforms for public use.  This
initiative will ensure that we can reach a wide national and international

Deadline for final edits: November 30,

Quotations needed:

or hourly rates for:

13-16: Full literary festival – Recording 11 hours of live literary events (2 +
2 + 6 + 2 panels. )Windsor, Ontario venues. Recording and live streaming one
single hour event on October 15. Recording one 80 minute event outdoors at the
Tower of Freedom monument on October 22.
October 15: Black history authors’ panel – livestream & recording
October 22:  Recording a literary and
performing arts tribute to the Underground Railroad and our community’s role in
it, in conjunction with the twentieth anniversary of the International
Underground Railroad Memorial. 21st Anniversary of the dedication of
the monument. (Delayed from 2021)

include: Producer, videographers, sound technician, editor

Indigenous, and People of Colour candidates are strongly encouraged to apply
and are invited to self-identify. We encourage proposals from all qualified
media professionals, including members of equity-seeking groups.


Jarvis, President, Literary Arts Windsor  519-987-4834
Email preferred.

Moore Davis, President, Essex County Black Historical Research Society and
BookFest Windsor Programming Chair  519-890-4316
Email preferred.



More on the Canada Council for the Arts
Digital Now Fund:

Digital Now aims to:

hiring within the arts sector through projects that contract a diversity of
artists and arts workers

Canadian artistic groups, collectives and organizations to deliver their
programming and activities digitally

the digital knowledge and capacity of Canadian artistic groups, collectives and
organizations, and enable them to adapt their operations

Canadian artistic groups, collectives and organizations to reach Canadians
through digital channels and platforms while physical distancing measures are
in place

Canadian artistic groups, collectives and organizations to engage local
audiences, and to build new ones in Canada and internationally

the discoverability of Canadian artistic content

digital innovation and thinking in the arts

diversity and inclusion, including gender balance and gender diversity, and
representativity from Indigenous communities, culturally diverse communities,
the Deaf and disability community, official language minority communities,
youth, and various regions.