Vanguard Youth Arts Collective

MISSION: Vanguard Youth Arts Collective are a group of creatively driven youth who act as a voice for an emerging generation of the arts within the Windsor Essex region. We nurture creative development by fostering connections within the community.

VISION: To enrich the artistic culture in our community through youth engagement.

1. Act as a vital resource for young artists.
2. Raise awareness for the importance of artistic endeavours.
3. Promote collaboration between all disciplines of artistic practice.
4. Generate opportunities for young creatives in Windsor Essex.

Vanguard – 100 Journals Project

Vanguard’s 100 Journals Project brings together youth groups from across Windsor-Essex through a sketchbook share. Young artists participating in this project are encouraged to share their lived experiences through written word, imagery, photography and other forms of expression that can be communicated through the sketchbooks. Local artists are hired to deliver culturally relevant instruction.

Over the course of the project, the 100 sketchbooks will be circulated between Windsor-Essex youth service organizations. Overtime, the sketchbooks will become full with contributions from all the youth participants. This project will culminate in an exhibition at a local art gallery that all the artists and their families are invited to attend. 

The 100 Journals Project breaks barriers and opens communication between youth through art. We hope that 100 Journals creates safe environments for discussion about belonging, identity, and community.

Partner Organisations:

Art by the River

The MultiCultural Council of Windsor Essex

YMCA of Southwestern Ontario

W.E. Trans Support

Windsor Youth Centre

Thank-you to Windsor Endowment for the Arts for supporting this project!

Meet the Vanguard Youth Arts Collective

Stephen Drouin

Program Advisor

Samantha Enriquez

Vice President

Gabriella Howes

Vanguard Member

Sophie Hinch

President, Vanguard Youth Arts Collective

Kristina Bradt

Vanguard Member

Contact the Vanguard Youth Arts Collective

To contact Vanguard email or call the ACWR office at 519-252-2787