Our Funders

The Arts Council Windsor & Region is supported by the Ontario Arts Council, the City of Windsor, our donors, and our members.





  • 2022/2023





    Céleste Kurcz
    David Nash
    Diana Mady Kelly
    Ginetta Lori Riley

    Jackman Foundation
    Kenneth Brown
    Lou Mavrantzas
    Post Productions
    Waddell Trust

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  • 2020/2021

    Karen Veldhuis
    Carla Johnson-Hicks
    Nadine Deleury Mckay
    Gianna Manzerolle
    Neil Mens
    Anthony Youssef
    Cyndra MacDowall
    Julie Tucker
    Cathy Masterson
    Laura Service
    Brenda Francis-Pelkey
    Talysha Bujold-Abu
    Jennifer Wilson
    Mia lynn Lee-Daigle
    Susan Cole
    Arts Can Teach
    Trevor Pittman
    Stephanie Barnhard
    Jude Abu Zaineh
    Sharon Cassey
    Charlotte LeFrank
    Kathleen Marilyn
    Patricia Ondracka
    Anne Nantais
    Elizabeth Graf
    David Nash
    John A. Arciuch
    kevin Hurley
    Waddell Trust
    Lynn Small
    Marshall A Olchowy
    Carolyne Rourke

  • 2018/2019

    Neil Mens
    Jennifer Pearson
    Shirley Jenereaux
    Walkerville Brewery
    St. Clair College
    AM 800 Hear + NoW
    University of Windsor
    City of Windsor
    Waddell Trust
    Unifor 200
    Oxley Winery
    Workforce Windsor Essex

  • 2017/2018

    Beau’s Brewing
    Frank Brewing Company
    Tarts Festival
    Waddell Trust
    Wayne Tousignant
    Walkerville Buskerfest
    AM 800 Hear + Now
    Windsor Essex Small Business Centre
    The City of Windsor
    Unifor 200
    Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation
    Windsor Jewish Community Centre
    In memory of Marny Sadler
    Canue Windsor Inc.
    Brea & John Mcnamara
    Dann Sylvester & Bridgett Ruel
    Neil Mens
    Lowes Heroes