Watching Glory Die

A riveting and exquisite portrayal of three women trapped in a broken prison system will leave you dumbfounded. The play is inspired by the shocking and true story of teenager, Ashley Smith, who – after five years of being misdiagnosed, and mistreated, hallucinating away in “therapeutic quiet” – died by suicide in her prison cell while guards watched. Watching Glory Die takes a bold dramatic leap to forge the kind of visceral lyricism that is the hallmark of Canadian playwright and director, Judith Thompson at her most powerful.

Tickets for our Opening Night performance and Gala, on July 23rd @ 6:30 pm, can be purchased for $100 by contacting Kelly Daniels at

Written and Directed by: Judith Thompson
Produced by: Windsor Feminist Theatre & Kelly Daniels
Designed by: David Court & Meaghan Carpentier

Kelli Fox
Kathryn Haggis
Nathanya Barnett