Via Italia BIA Call for Mural Artists – Request for Proposals
FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: 1.0 PROJECT OVERVIEW The Via Italia Business Improvement Area (BIA) invites artists to submit...



The Via Italia Business Improvement Area (BIA) invites artists to submit qualifications to receive one mural commission. The successful mural artist/artist teams will design and paint one mural on the east facing wall of 1015 Erie Street East, next to the Via Italia Community Garden, that celebrates our community. Erie Street is the hub of the community that plays host to the culture of Italian tradition through the numerous restaurants and cafes, fashion and specialty shops, grocery stores, sporting events, bicycle races and other enterprises and activities. Experiencing the flavor that Erie Street infuses in each shop and restaurant makes anyone feel like they are walking down a bustling street in Italy. It is busy, friendly and animated. It is Italian in spirit and in joy and in hospitality. Via Italia is a vibrant community centered on its heritage and continued love for the arts.

Design Concept: $1000, Artist fees and materials: $9000 with disbursements made throughout the project. The commission budget must include all costs required to design, fabricate and install the project. Please consider any technical requirements such as scissor lift (if required), installation and insurance.



Project Phase
Date RFP issued: August 24, 2020
RFP submission deadline: September 4, 2020
Selection of artist: September 11, 2020
Technical/design consultation meeting: TBD
Final design submission: October 5, 2020
Mural completion and installation: October 30, 2020



East-facing wall of 1015 Erie Street East, Windsor, Ontario, N9A 3Z2

1.4 SIZE

Dimension of Wall:  50’ x 25’
Dimension of Mural:  30’ x 15’
(Option 1: Top of mural to reach underside of windows, Option 2: Mural to be centered on the wall with windows incorporated into design. Note 1: Wires will be tidied but not removed)



The mural should support the vibrancy of the location and help beautify the streetscape. It should celebrate community spirit and take into account the neighbourhood’s identity and the cultural, historical, and natural attributes of the site.

The artwork must adhere to the following design parameters:
• be an outdoor mural installation, suitable for exhibition in a public space
• reflect community history, culture and civic pride
• support revitalization and economic activity
• be appropriate for the site in scale, execution, materials and creativity
• must not promote violence, hatred or contempt against any group on the basis of colour, race, ancestry, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age, language or disability
• must not include business names/logos, branded tags, acronyms, or any commercial advertising



Expectations of the successful artist(s) include, but may not be limited to:
• develop a project concept, budget and a detailed design
• prepare and ready the wall as necessary for the mural
• all materials and equipment must be purchased and arranged by the artist
• provide and apply an anti-graffiti coating
• provide a warranty for the work (minimum 2 years)
• meet with Via Italia BIA representatives for a minimum of two visits: to attend a technical and design consultation meeting; and to attend an unveiling event
• exercise safety and caution while working, utilizing personal protective equipment as necessary
• provide a General Liability Insurance Certificate, adding the Via Italia BIA as additionally insured, a current WSIB Certificate, and any other legislated health and safety requirements



• Letter of intent (2 page maximum, 12 point font, single spaced, PDF): Describe your general artistic approach and your preliminary vision for this project. Outline your experience creating artwork for the public realm. Include previous experience demonstrating successful execution of an outdoor mural project of this scale within the budget and timeline required. Confirm availability to undertake this project within its timeline.
• Resume/Curriculum Vitae: If submitting as a collective, each member must provide a personal resume. • Visual images and Documentation List: (3 minimum/10 maximum, JPEG files): Digital images of past work that best demonstrate your qualifications for this project. Please include a documentation list to support visual images. Include title of work, medium, approx. dimensions, budget, location and date, and contact information for references/commissioner of the work.
• Artists MAY submit concept sketch as part of the application. Not required but could help with the support of your application.
• Artists MAY submit a website or social media profile. Not required but could help with the support of your application.



This Call will support innovative proposals from both emerging and established artists working in a range of disciplines and media.  Participants must be legally entitled to work in Canada. Artists and/or artist-led teams are encouraged to apply.




Please submit an electronic application no later than September 4, 2020 at 4:00pm to viaitaliamural with the subject “Mural Project Submission”. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please email questions to with the subject “Inquiry re: Mural Project”.



· Artistic excellence, quality of skills and techniques.
· Ability to communicate a unique vision.
· Overall professionalism and presentation of application
· Appropriateness of artwork to the community, taking into consideration Via Italia history, culture and future.
· Experience demonstrates ability to execute an outdoor mural project of this scale while adhering to budgets and timelines.



· Copyright including any and all designs and drawings shall remain the property of the artist. The finished work of art produced on the wall will remain the property of the Via Italia BIA. Moral rights remain with the artist. As professional artists, the onus is on applicants to ensure that intellectual property rights are respected. Only original artwork will be considered. Via Italia BIA holds the right to reproduce the images for publicity purposes.