Time Anthology – Call for Submissions
My name is Maria Zarin, and I am a first year student at Concordia University (Montreal). I am...
My name is Maria Zarin, and I am a first year student at Concordia University (Montreal). I am leading a creative project as a member of the Youth Project Leader Program of the Kingston Juvenis Festival. My project consists of the creation of an anthology on the topic of time.
Time is a fascinating concept, because humans are the only ones who count time (we have clocks and calendars, and have followed the path of the moon to guide us for a very long time). I have realized that each person also views time differently. Some hold on to the past, some cannot wait for the future, some feel as though the present is slipping away and that they are running out of time. During this pandemic, many people have observed that the passage of time has felt odd or different since COVID-19; the days have felt long, and yet a year has passed already.
I am collecting poems, short stories and essays because I want to display a variety of opinions and feelings in the format of a printed book. This project is an exploration of this variation in perspectives and interpretations. I am inviting youth aged 13-30 to submit fiction and non-fiction, pieces in English or in French by Sunday February 28th 2021, at 11:59pm. Submissions are to be sent to the following email address: z.maria0211@gmail.com
More information is available on the website of the Kingston Juvenis Festival, here: http://www.juvenisfestival.ca/Our-Projects.php, and on the project’s Instagram page @timeanthologyjv.