SAVAC Open Call: The Practice of Art
The Practice of Art The current global health crisis and movements for racial justice provide an opening to...

The Practice of Art

The current global health crisis and movements for racial justice provide an opening to engage the possibilities and limitations that arise for artistic practice during states of emergency. They have us asking: How do we practice art and to what end? What does it mean to continue, to insist on making art now? What changes? What doesn’t?

Through this open call, SAVAC is seeking proposals that reflect on the practice of art – and the art of practice. We are looking for works that center practice, for projects that confront it, surrender to it, undo it, cheat it, insist on it, or disregard it all together. We want to imagine artistic practice in a multiplicity of forms (production of works, research, works-in-progress, durational projects, etc.) and interrogate the act of practice itself (as labor, repetition, rehearsal, preparation, play, failure, collective action, etc.). Building on our artistic vision, we encourage works that are paced, imaginative, and inquisitive in method and content.

SAVAC invites artists, writers, performers, filmmakers, curators and multi-disciplinary creatives to submit proposals for projects/interventions/gestures that consider artistic practice in response to states of crisis and emergency – either directly or indirectly. Ideas could be implemented offline or online, in public or private space. Given the physical restrictions we are currently under, we encourage proposals that are creative yet accessible, nuanced yet easy to produce. Research proposals are also accepted, as well as proposals that involve interaction and participation with others.

We hope that this open call will support artists under these new conditions for artistic production. We recognize that the questions we pose above are broad, and we are open to collaboratively developing project ideas and conversing with artists around what artistic practice could look like at this moment. Accepted artists will be awarded an artist fee and a production fund in line with CARFAC recommendations. A total of 6 projects will be selected.

Deadline for applications is 10 July 2020, with projects commencing over the summer.

To apply, email the following to with the subject line “OPEN CALL 2020” and including the following separate documents as attachments:

  • Document 1: A project proposal, 500 words max. Please include a preliminary timeline and a list of (practical) requirements for your project if necessary.
  • Document 2: Your bio (250 words max) AND a link to your website OR portfolio OR CV


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SAVAC offices are temporarily closed. We continue to work remotely and looking forward to connecting with and supporting our community by working remotely.

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