Sandra Jabbour


“I am an artist born and raised in Windsor, Ontario with a
Lebanese and Syrian background. I am currently in my 2nd
year at the University of Windsor for Visual Arts. I have
had a strong passion for painting and drawing my whole
life. I began taking art classes with local artist Julia
Conlon from the ages of around 10- 15, and later
completed the WCCA Visual and Media Arts programs at
Walkerville Collegiate Institute. I have participated in the
TARTS Festival twice; I have displayed my artwork at local
restaurant Baker’s Bar and Grill and I have displayed my
work at the Artspeak Gallery in Windsor several times.
I mostly work with acrylic paint, oil paint and graphite,
but I am exploring my newfound passion for
photography and digital art. I am part of the Vanguard
Youth Arts Collective in hopes to get involved in the arts
community in Windsor-Essex and to continue to learn
and grow as an artist and a person.”

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