Sandra Jabbour

Co-Vice President

Sandra Jabbour is an artist from Windsor, Ontario of Lebanese and Syrian descent. She is currently completing her BFA in Visual Arts at the University of Windsor. Although she is primarily a painter, she explores other mediums such as video projection to enhance her paintings. Her work intertwines several different themes such as both the connection and disconnection she feels towards my Lebanese and Syrian culture having been born and raised in Canada, as well as her family, and childhood. She paints nostalgic imagery drawn from family photos and home movies such as familiar patterns through the lens of technology from the early 2000s. Her work often includes subtle references to older technology in the form of television static and dates written in the classic VHS font to instill a feeling of familiarity and warmth in the audience even though the imagery will only feel familiar to her family. She has been an active member of Vanguard since 2020. “


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