Maria Mediratta

Former Vanguard President

Maria Mediratta (she/her) is an artist and educator currently based in Windsor, Ontario. Primarily, she is a print, zine, illustration and mail artist playing with the tension between the virtual and the tangible world. She has also been working in Windsor’s Arts and Culture sector for just under five years. She has been contracted by the Art Gallery of Windsor, University of Windsor, Greater Essex County District School Board, Vanguard Youth Arts Collective, and Artcite Inc. She holds an MFA in Visual Arts and a BA in Visual Arts, Communication, Media & Film. Mediratta is the recipient of both the John Kenneth Pufal and Warner-Lambert Scholarships for Excellence in Printmaking and has been in a handful of exhibitions around North America. Most recently, she was the first Emerging Artist in Residence with Art Windsor Essex (formerly Art Gallery of Windsor.)

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