Kaitlyn Karns

Administrative & Outreach Coordinator

Kaitlyn Karns (M.Ed) is a class of 2020 graduate from the University of Windsor’s Masters of Education program with a concentration in Curriculum Theory and Development. During her time at the Faculty of Education, she completed a thesis focusing on the pathways of creative arts undergrads and their transitions into higher education. She is very passionate about higher education, the creative arts, student transition and recruitment, and using the arts to educate students of all ages in an innovative way.

Kaitlyn is currently a music educator, teaching private vocal and piano lessons to learners of all ages as well as the administrative assistant at the Arts Council Windsor & Region. In addition to her professional work, she has had the pleasure of working with community groups and small businesses within the local creative arts community to help with marketing and production purposes. Kaitlyn is also an active member of Windsor-Essex’s creative arts community and has been seen on stages across Windsor-Essex and the province.


Kaitlyn’s research is published through both ProQuest and ERIC and is available for public use. You can find her Masters of Education thesis here.  

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