Jude Abu Zaineh

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Member since: 2017


As a newcomer to Windsor’s community, tapping into the arts was vital for me to keep informed of the local arts/culture scene and to develop an overall sense of belonging and community where I live. ACWR became a crucial hub for me to develop meaningful connections to those around me who were equally invested in creating and growing a vibrant, diverse environment for artists.

My relationship with ACWR began many years ago with volunteering at events, then serving as Vanguard Youth Arts Collective’s first President, and eventually as one of the Board of Directors.

I genuinely can’t think of a better organization to have invested many years working with and proud to see the growth that has come out of the organization in those years. I often think about the programming and resources offered via ACWR and how impactful they were not only to my personal development as an artist, cultural worker, and citizen of Windsor, but also to those in our community – artists or not alike. ACWR continues to advocate for artists and push the boundaries of generating diverse and engaged art programming that has served Windsor-Essex for an impressive 40 years (with no signs of slowing down)!

Here’s to another 40 years.

ABOUT THE ARTIST – Abu Zaineh is a Palestinian-Canadian multidisciplinary artist and cultural worker. Her practice relies on the use of food and technology to investigate meanings of culture, displacement, diaspora, and belonging. She’s interested in ideals of home and community while working to develop aesthetics rooted in her childhood and upbringing in a muslim environment in the Middle East. Abu Zaineh has exhibited her work locally and internationally in: São Luis and Lisbon, Portugal; Mexico City; NYC; Toronto, and Windsor, Ontario.

She recently completed a residency with the Ontario Science Centre (OSC) and MOCA Toronto where her site-specific installation is currently exhibited at OSC. Abu Zaineh is a Research Assistant at INCUBATOR Lab, former Director at Arts Council Windsor & Region and President of Vanguard Youth Arts Collective, completed her MFA at the University of Windsor, and is currently a PhD candidate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY.

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