Jody Boston

Keynote Speaker

Jody Boston is a therapeutic clown and arts educator living in Hamilton, Ontario. Jody holds an HBA in Theatre, Drama and Creative Writing from the University of Toronto, a Post-Graduate Certificate in Social Therapeutics from the East Side Institute of Short-term Psychotherapy in New York City and is a graduate of Toronto’s Second City Improvisation Program. Boston is program director of Under the Willows, a summer arts, garden and play program for children who experience adverse life circumstances. She teaches drama, improv, music and dance for the Board of Education and independently to students of all ages in private classes. She is a performer, a facilitator in a variety of community arts settings and she loves to create and collaborate. When not clowning, facilitating, performing or learning you can find her laughing with her family, sweating through some kind of physical exercise, singing and enjoying Hamilton’s local cuisine… often all at the same time.

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