Hussein Samhat

Having completed his Bachelors in Drama in Education & Community, and currently pursuing his Bachelors of Education, Hussein’s passion and experience within the Arts stems from his time in the classroom and working with various community programs and organizations such as the Windsor Endowment for the Arts, Arts Can Teach, & the Changing the Odds summer youth program.
As Co-Founder of the BIDE Institute within the University of Windsor’s Office of Student Experience, he acts as Chief Financial Officer, overseeing all of the institute’s finances and day-to-day operations; as well as his work as Vice-President Finance & Operations at the UWSA allow him to bring in administrative and financial experience that will support him in the role of President.

What is your role with the ACWR team?
I am currently the President and Chair of the Arts Council Windsor & Region

What is your favourite part about being involved with ACWR?
There are so many aspects that I love about being involved with the organisation, I think my favourite has to be working with so many talented and wonderful artist from across Windsor.  Learning from them, getting to know them, and creating friendships and connections through the arts.What makes ACWR important to the Windsor region and to local artists?
Now more than ever the arts community needs the support and recognition they deserve.The work ACWR does serves to advocate for our artists and create opportunities for them from all over. Artists support artist, and our Board is made up of various artists from across Windsor who are passionate and committed to advocating for all artists.

Are you an artist? Can you tell us about your work?
My background is primarily in drama education and community work. I have worked with organisations such the Windsor Endowment for the Arts, Changing the Odds, and Arts Can Teach. All of which are community based organisations.  The programs I worked with were mainly with marginalised youth and students in grades 4-8.  The areas of research that have informed my work and the themes of the lessons/workshops I facilitate revolve around culturally responsive pedagogy, equity, diversity, and inclusion in the classroom. Using elements of drama, literacy, media, and research, the lessons are built to push students to think critically, enhance empathy, and reflect on their own experiences through various drama tools.

What are some ways that you like to show your appreciation for art?
I always love going to see a good theatre show. I have recently become more interested in arts history too so learning more about that has been cool!

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