Ck (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Windsor, Ontario. She completed her BA in Psychology with a minor in English literature and Spanish. Her work is centred around writing, poetry, and interactive installations. She is exploring new mediums such as film photography and incorporating that within her current creative practice. Her current project (the in-between) was recently installed at the ACWR. The in-between project was created to explore the juxtaposition between longing and growth. Exploring the space we hold between love and letting go the in-between project serves as a healing space in which people are able to submit anonymous submissions about their personal experience with the “in-between.” This is a theme that appears throughout her other creative projects. Ck is looking forward to collaborating and learning from other creatives in the city as well as contributing as a new member to the spot on project. To learn more about the in-between click the link below.

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