Céleste Kurcz

Céleste is a bilingual art enthusiast. She holds an honours degree from the University of Windsor in Drama in Education and Community. She has recently received her Masters’ of International Education from the University of Charles Sturt, in Australia. For the past 11 years, Céleste has been a French Immersion teacher with the Greater Essex County School Board. She enjoys bringing her passion for the arts to her teaching by hosting after school drama club and writers theater. In her spare time, she has started to write a French children’s book.


What is your role with the ACWR team?
I am on the board of directors.
What is your favourite part about being involved with ACWR?
I have a passion for the arts and what it can bring to a community. I love hearing about various events held in our community and sharing my love for the arts with creators and artists alike. I also love our weekly Arts Notes.
What makes ACWR important to the Windsor region and to local artists?

We are a one of a kind place! We offer artists a space to showcase their work, support with grant writing and provide a welcoming atmosphere.
Are you an artist? Can you tell us about your work?
-I am a writer and poet. I have a passion for singing and love improv!
-I published my first French children’s book titled  Les aventures de Coralie la coccinelle- le voyage dans l’espace, a year ago. It is an interactive math based book for children ages 3-7.
-I write poetry about my metamorphosis into becoming a mother and the journey of motherhood.
What are some ways that you like to show your appreciation for art?
I am always listening to a variety of music from local talent. I love to support our local theatre companies by going to shows. I also enjoy visiting our local farmers markets to purchase handmade local items.
How does art support you in your life? 
It is my outlet. It allows me to be vulnerable. Art allows me to be creative and to take risks. Somethings I share, while other works I keep for myself or for those near and dear to me.

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