Alexei Ungurenasu

Former Vanguard Member and Editor for Spot On

Alex-Andrei “Alexei” Ungurenaşu (they/them) writes from the perspective of an outsider-become-insider. As a Romanian-Canadian artist living in Windsor, ON, they craft poems, zines, paintings, and collages summoning the various places where they lived and visited. Writing started as a hobby for Alexei, and it eventually led to them becoming Windsor’s youth poet laureate for 2021-23. Alexei draws much inspiration from their studies in literature and philosophy, with existentialism and romanticism serving as direct influences. In their poems, Alexei uses words to bridge the distance – be it physical, emotional, or temporal – between themselves and the places, people, and moments that they miss. When they aren’t reading or writing, Alexei seeks ways of staying involved in the local arts community. Besides being a member of the Vanguard Youth Arts Collective, they have previously organized events with the Art Gallery of Windsor and the University of Windsor’s Humanities Research Group.

You can see more of their work at @aaungurenasu on Instagram and Twitter.

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