Alejandro Tamayo

Executive Director
Alejandro Tamayo, is a Colombian/Canadian installation and media artist, writer, and educator. Tamayo earned a PhD in Visual Arts from York University, an MFA with distinction from the National University of Colombia, and a Graduate Certificate in Digital Technologies in Design/Art Practice from Concordia University. In his practice and research he recurrently employs found objects and materials as vehicles to open new perceptual and intuitive understandings of the material world. His work has been exhibited individually and collectively in Canada and abroad. When the pandemic started, Tamayo was the artist in residence at McMaster University Studio Art Program where he was conducting research on the relations between physical presence, poetic language and musical scores, and also exploring the possibilities of live-coding performances with the Cybernetic Orchestra. Prior to moving to Windsor, Tamayo was on the board of directors of Hamilton Artists Inc. where he acted as Treasurer. At The Inc. he also began collaborating with the New Committee, an action committee dedicated to help in the integration of new immigrant artists to the community.

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