Alejandro Tamayo

Executive Director

Alejandro Tamayo, is a Colombian/Canadian artist, writer, and arts administrator.

Often taking a conceptual approach, Alejandro employs sculpture, drawing, photography, and installation as vehicles to reflect about contemporary modes of art production and systems of meaning. His work has been exhibited individually and collectively in Canada and abroad.

Prior to joining ACWR in February 2021, Alejandro was on the board of directors for Hamilton Artists Inc., and was the artist-in-residence at McMaster University’s Studio Art program.

Alejandro completed a practice-based doctorate in Visual Arts at York University, and holds an MFA from the National University of Colombia, and a Graduate Certificate in Digital Technologies in Design/Art Practice from Concordia University.

What is your role with the ACWR Team?
I am the Executive Director

What is your favourite part about being involved with ACWR?
To be in close contact with the arts community and also to know that the work we do every day has a meaningful impact in supporting and promoting the diversity of the local arts ecosystem.

What makes ACWR important to the Windsor region and to local artists?
The ACWR is not only a collection of resources and materials that help local artists advance in their professions and connect with each other, but also an accessible meeting place for the arts community.

Are you an artist? Can you tell us about your work?
I am visual artist and my work has taken a variety of forms including sculpture and installation, drawing and painting, text-based, and also sound. My recent sculptural installations have been inspired by the way in which music works. I have approached the exhibition space to develop situations that unfold in time and dissolve without leaving a material trace, just the memory of the experience in the viewer’s mind.

How does art help you in other areas in life?
I don’t see art as sharply distinct from other areas of life, everything is interconnected and mutually informed. Life itself as it unfolds naturally can be the most poetic work of art if we are attuned to it.

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