Abbey Dufault


“Abbey Dufault is a self-taught emerging artist based in Windsor, Ontario. She is currently completing her BFA in Fine Arts at the University of Windsor while producing art under the name abibbit. As an artist, Abbey has experimented in several disciplines but primarily favours drawing. Her work, varying from graphite portraiture to pen and ink narratives, is an everlasting attempt at establishing her own interpretations of society and individuality as a human being. A large body of her drawing practice includes a variety of illustrated characters. With inspiration from her own awkward and inconvenient lived experiences, Abbey provides viewers with brief snapshots and sarcastic comments regarding the sometimes dreaded partaking in everyday life. Her work is about finding humour and pleasure in the most casual encounters of ordinary existence. Even in her realism, her drawings are a suggestion to laugh, ponder, and evaluate our own interpretations of the world and people around us. As a new member of Vanguard, Abbey is looking forward to working alongside fellow creatives and joining the arts community of Windsor-Essex.

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