Open Call for New Art Writers
Are you interested in writing about art? We would love to hear from you! We are adding to...

Are you interested in writing about art? We would love to hear from you! We are adding to our list of interested writers as we program for 2022/2023.  There is no deadline for this – the Art Writers selection committee will call on individuals based on common interests and thematic compatibility. Don’t worry – you’ll get plenty of notice!

Selected writers may be called upon to respond to specific content such as an artist’s practice, residency, arts collective, an exhibition, or an event. Eastern Edge will pay $200 for roughly 400 words to be distributed through publication on our website, based on current CARFAC rates.

While all candidates should possess some working knowledge of contemporary art, we are also interested in establishing contact with writers involved in other fields of research to bring a unique perspective to our programming. Writers of non-art backgrounds, as well as emerging artists and writers, are encouraged to apply.

Application Requirements:

  1. Two short samples of writing, no longer than 800 words each (excerpts welcome), saved as a PDF,  representative of your style range.
  2. A short description of your subjects of interest.
  3. CV or list of credentials and previous publications (if any – not required!)
  4. Please include your pronouns

We encourage (but do not require) anyone who identifies as BIPOC, queer, or a person with disabilities, to self-identify as such in their application.

This opportunity is for new and emerging writers, or anyone who wants to try their hand at writing about art. Writers who have produced written work for EE within the past 2 years will not be considered. This call is open to everyone, however, EE will prioritize writers who live, or have a connection with Newfoundland and Labrador.

Please send applications to, and indicate “Open Call for New Art Writers” in your subject. There is no deadline for this – it is ongoing.