Now Booking ArtSpeak Gallery 2022
Hey artists! On behalf of the ACWR we would like to thank you for being so patient with...

Hey artists!

On behalf of the ACWR we would like to thank you for being so patient with us during these trying times. As we continue to navigate the many steps to reopening, I am happy to inform you that we are now accepting gallery bookings for 2022!  In order to secure your desired dates, we are asking artists to make a deposit (half of the total booking amount). Contracts will not be sent out at this time as things are changing so frequently with health and safety protocols, but I will ensure that you will receive a contract by the new year.


Here are a few things to keep in mind surrounding ACWR gallery bookings:

  • The gallery is available for bookings of one or two week periods (Sunday to Sunday) and keys must be picked up/ dropped off during staff hours.

  • Due to the number of inquiries, each artist is limited to one booking within the calendar year for a maximum of 2 consecutive weeks.

  • Rates:

    • Daily individual rate – $30/day for members; $40/day for non-members;

    • Weekly individual rate – $150/week for members; $200/week for non-members;

  • The Remaining payment is due no less than 6 weeks before the dates of the show.

  • The month of May is reserved for our 2020 FREESPACE artist residency.

Why rent our space?

  • ACWR takes zero commission on sales during your show
  • Street level location with plenty of street parking and an after hours lot behind our building (accessible from Kildare Rd.)
  • ACWR staff supervision of the space during regular office hours (additional and weekend hours are left to the discretion of the exhibitor)
  • 24 hour key access to the gallery allowing you to plan and facilitate your own reception
  • Inclusion in ACWR’s weekly Arts Notes email newsletter and on the ACWR website (lead time permitting)
  • ArtSpeak Gallery is unjuried
  • From emerging to established, our gallery is suitable for any level of artist, ACWR offers resources to exhibitors to help make your exhibition the best it can be
  • ACWR offers feedback and art consultations if requested by the artist


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Kaitlyn at