Nothing But the Truth (Open Auditions!)
OPEN AUDITIONS: Wednesday, January 23 7PM-10PM Making its Canadian premiere, Nothing But the Truth, by New York-based playwright...

OPEN AUDITIONS: Wednesday, January 23 7PM-10PM

Making its Canadian premiere, Nothing But the Truth, by New York-based playwright Eve Lederman, is sure to wow audiences this spring. You’ll want to try out for this unique and exciting drama!

Inspired by deposition transcripts from a malpractice case, Nothing But The Truth portrays the relationship between patient and therapist as a love more powerful and volatile than any romance. Rachel is a vivacious yet distraught young woman exploring her family secrets and fears about children with her maternal therapist Marilyn. But when Marilyn faces questions in a lawsuit for abruptly terminating Rachel’s treatment, she paints her as violent — and an explosive, life-altering battle ensues. Is Rachel dangerous, as her therapist claims? Or is the doctor hiding her own emotional and ethical violations?

The scenes alternate between the doctor’s office and the deposition room, toying with the timeline and challenging the audience to uncover the truth: Marilyn testifies to one version of events and then the clock turns back to the doctor’s office where the facts unfold. Like Mamet’s Oleanna, the viewers’ allegiance vacillates as the protagonists’ power struggle unfolds, similarly inciting and polarizing the audience.

Within this harrowing psychological ordeal is a treasure trove of deposition dialogue and complex characters, both caring and conniving, to expose. This story shares a tale of betrayal that ignites a heated dialogue about the dynamics of therapy and the blurry line between obsession and love.

Rachel Klein: Patient, mid to late 20s, with a childlike innocence and charm.

Marilyn Morganstern: Therapist, mid 50s-60s; chic and sophisticated.

Carmen Garcia: Rachel’s lawyer; Latina, 30s. Shrewd and a spitfire.

Dr. Jerry Adler: Blackburn Institute’s clinic director. Mid-50s, educated and a bit eccentric.

Stan Goldman: Marilyn’s lawyer, 50s; attractive, arrogant and full of bluster. Has little respect for his colleague.

IMPORTANT: To audition, email us at with: a) which character(s) you’d like to audition for; b) a theatre resume; c) a headshot. We will answer confirming your attendance. Before the auditions, we’ll also email sides to help you prepare.

REHEARSALS: Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 7:00- 10:00 PM, Feb 17 to April 11 2019. Please note that attendance at rehearsals is mandatory.

TECH WEEK: April 14 – 18 2019

PERFORMANCES: April 19, 20, 25, 26, 27 2019