Muslims in the West – Screenplay Submissions
If all you knew of Muslims in the West is what you saw on TV or in film,...

If all you knew of Muslims in the West is what you saw on TV or in film, you’d believe that all Muslims are religious fanatics bent on destroying the west, as they are typically portrayed as terrorists, fanatics, and religious zealots; the husbands as abusers, the women as submissive,But the truth is Muslims in the West are incredibly diverse, hailing from different countries, cultures and socio-economic classes. Their politics and world views vary widely as do their degrees of religious practice, and levels of piety. Yet, sadly in North America, the common experience of Muslims is that they are often subject to recurring acts of hatred, bigotry and ignorance, and these stereotypical portrayals continue to exacerbate Islamophobia.

With the above in mind, we invite writers to help us explore the Muslim experience in North America in narrative form. We want to hear stories that explore what it means to be a Muslim from a variety of perspectives. Here are some ideas you might consider: t

  • The struggle to retain their culture and values in the face of external societal pressures.t
  • The motivation and aspirations that prompted their relocation to North America, and the challenges faced in reaching these goals. t
  • The lingering legacy of colonialism in their countries of origin, and how it informed their experience and interaction with Western society. t

These are but a few examples, so feel free to introduce your own. Just be sure to read and follow the guidelines and contest rules. t

Short Film Duration: 15 min (15 pages)
Submission Deadline: AUG 20, 2021
Submission fee: Free



Six (6) talented writers will be selected to participate in the M Film Lab Fall 2021 program, where they will work with and learn from experienced mentors to develop their screenplay.



Winning Screenplay will be
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