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Actors Theatre of Windsor

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Ann Ducharme

Hello I am an artist working primarily in acrylics I enjoy 2 types realism and dottilism I am the president of the Arts Society of Kingsville. I enjoy promoting, supporting and sharing all things art

Anthony Saracino

Antua Petrimoulx

April Morris

Arlene Murphy

Arts Collective Theatre

Arts Society of Kingsville

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Cindy Shafer

Common Ground Gallery

Connie Turner

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Craig Wheeler

Cyndra MacDowall

Primary medium is photography. Photography Professor in the School of Creative Arts, University of Windsor

Danah Beaulieu

Daniel Bernyk

Dave Fine

Dave Paddick

David Hanna

David Wagner

David Bergeron

Deanna Tousignant

Debbie Kay

Debbie Powell

Dee (Denise) Calzavara

Denise Turner

Dennis Hunkler

Dennis Smith

Derrick Biso

Dominic Pinney

Dominic Pinney is a Canadian, Windsor-Based, Visual Artist who examines the seductive and ominous qualities of the city space through a variety of mediums including, light-based installation, video, sound, sculpture, and text.

Donna Marentette

Donna Moro

Dorit Girash

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Maia Nitschke

The Mailloux Family

Makayla MacEachern

Margaret Guillet

Margaret Van Der Veen-Dawson


Marian Drouillard

I have been working with Alcohol Inks and my style of choice is abstract.

Mark Crampsie

Mark Renaud

Martin Stevens

Mary-Lou Gelissen

Mary MacLauchlan

Mary Wheeler

Matt Maenpaa

Mayowa Balogun

Multicultural Council of Windsor & Essex County

Meg Reiner

Mei Sun

Melissa Bergeron

Melissa Thomas

Menka Doutsas

Merry Ellen Scully Mosna

Michael Bondy

Michael Lucenkiw

Mick Chow

Mike Kovaliv

Mirror World Publishing

MMA Architect Inc.

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Mona Makki

George Marshall

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Jo-Anne Ediger

Munazza Naeem

Nancy Mills

Nancy Nosanchuk

Nancy Yim-Holt

Nancy Bauer

Naomi Pelkey

Natalie Nadeau

Nick Gaskco

Nicole Couture

Nora Harvey

Nora is a self-taught artist working from her home studio in Olde Walkerville, Windsor, Ontario. Nora has always had a passion for art, drawing and sketching for as long as she can remember. It was in her formative years growing up in Europe that she began to discover her passion for art and would spend countless hours sketching and painting. The need to express herself creatively remained a strong desire throughout her whole life. For the past fifteen years, she has participated in numerous drawing, painting, computer rendering and mixed media techniques. She is known for the abstract celebrations of her admiration for textured surfaces and rough contours uniquely sculpted, three dimensional oil, acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

Nozah Omar

Livingstone, Ober-Rae Starr

I find inspiration in the beauty of nature. As a young man I worked on ships, hitchhiked, and travelled by buses and trains in order to make my way around the world. Much of what I experienced visually and emotionally makes its way into my paintings. I paint the landscape with the hope that, by depicting the beauty of Creation, others will remember that feeling of awe and peace that we often experience when we stop to watch a sunset, to observe the play of light dancing on water, or when we take the time to observe sun and shadow sweeping across a valley. My work has been published in in the Plein Air Magazine, Acrylic Artists Magazine, AcrylicWorks 4-Captivating Color, AcrylicWorks 5-Bold Values, The Artists Magazine, The International Artist Magazine, Blank Spaces Magazine, Practique des Arts (French publication), the Art to Art Palette, and numerous online art blogs. I have had the good fortune to have won awards in internationally recognized shows including The National Oil and Acrylic Painters Best of America Shows, the International Society of Acrylic Painters shows, the Plein Air Salon, the Artists Magazine, and the Art Muse Contest. I am a Signature Member of, and on the Board of Directors for the “National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society” and a member of the Board of Directors for “Artcite”, a nationally recognized artist run gallery in Windsor Ontario, where I live. I am also a Signature Member of the “International Society of Acrylic Painters”, and a member of the Oil Painters of America.

Owen Swain

Pam Hartford

Paper Knife

Pat & Jennifer Lee

Patricia Fenton MacKenzie

Patrick Gillin

Paul Gougeon

Paul Hargreaves

Paul Martens

Paul Fisher

Paul Napigkit

Joey Stewart

Peter Billing

Peter Karas

Piera Rock

Bianca Lenarduzzi

I love all things art related

Rachael Watson

Rachel Loerts

Rashmi Dadwal

Rebecca Draisey

Renee Pomerleau

Renee Pomerleau

Richard Green

Rick Santarossa

Riverfront Interarts

Robert Weir

I like to salvage old copper, aluminium, mild steel, wood, glass and leather to create unique sculptures.

Robert Gervais

Roger Hewett

Rory O'Connor

Rose MacDonald

Rosina Riccardo

The Roy Family

Royal Canadian College of Organists

Rusty Barton

Sabrina Sisco

Samantha Enriquez

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Sarah Jarvis

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University Players

Vasilica Dumitriu

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Vince Allen Kogut


Wayne Tousignant

Windsor & Region Dance Ward

Cultural Affairs City of Windsor

The Cultural Affairs Team works with the community to coordinate and facilitate exciting cultural opportunities for residents and visitors. The ongoing acquisition of public art; rich inheritance of cultural resources, stories, traditions, sites, documents, and built, social and natural heritage features help residents build and keep a sense of who they are and tell the Windsor story to the world.

Xavier Vance

Yanxi Liu

Yiru Chen

Yvonne Arnowitz