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4th Wall Music

Since its inception in 2013, 4th Wall Music has been committed to taking down the wall between audiences and performers by presenting classical music concerts that are interactive, educational, and diverse. 4th Wall Music audiences experience fantastic performances in a casual atmosphere, guided through the beauty of the music with the help of the highest quality musicians in our area in collaboration with artists of all genres. Music is brought to life with the help of dance, painting, poetry, videography, history and more.

Anthony DiFazio

Andrew Adoranti

Abdel Kareem

Abigail Schnekenburger

Anthony Cardillo

Achol Chagay Atem

Actors Theatre of Windsor

Adele Newman

Adele Duck

Austin Di Pietro

Adrienne Crossman

Ashley Hastings

Ashley graduated from the University of Windsor with a BA Honours in Visual Art and Art History. She then completed her Masters in Library and Information Sciences at Western University in London, Ontario. She currently resides in Windsor, Ontario. She has three artistic loves – crocheting, embroidery and painting. She is inspired by shapes and nature and aims to create a sense of comfort and serenity when viewing her work. Her embroidery presents itself in clean, simple shapes. Her paintings are primarily acrylic, also focusing on shapes – both organic and geometric. Serene and harmonious colours play a dominate role in her work. In her paintings you will find layers upon layers of acrylic paint washes and drippings of water. When working with layers of paint, you can often see the journey from start to finish.

Ahmad Abo Noqta

Aimee Charette

Alex Beriault

Alex Curci

Alexancef AlexancefUZ

Alexandra Lockley

Alexei Ungurenasu

Alexeycef AlexeycefKP

Alice Welsh

A potter since forever it seems, and a crazy cat purrson to boot. Exhibited at almost all of the Arts in the Park since it started in 1970,including the first one. Go rained on almost as many times there,too. Still a bit mildewed,but worth it every time! Also at several Arts by the River in Amherstburg and Arts at the Marina in Leamington. Studied French and Spanish at the U of W, as well as some VisArt and Art History courses more recently. I use cone 6 stoneware clay on the wheel and use my own glazes as well as some commercial. Love to garden too. Changed my last name to honour my mom in 2019. Can't think of anything else...oh yes! Just discovered the Méchant Minou series, which are hilarious if you're a cat-o-phile. And Garfield en français!

Alyssa Pisciotto

Alyssa is from LaSalle, Ontario and now resides in Toronto. She graduated from OCAD University in 2016 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Drawing and Painting and minoring in Printmaking. Painting and printmaking are her primary practice. Her current work revolves around themes of colour, line and shape, and how they interact with one another.

Amanda Dupuis

Amanda Hawkins

Amanda Seaton

Andreas Maniatis

Amberly John

Anahita Jamali Rad

Anahita Jamali Rad is a text-forward artist currently living, working, and making on the traditional territory of the Anishnaabeg people of the Three Fires Confederacy (Ojibwe, Potawatomi, and Odawa). Jamali Rad’s work is founded on techno-materialist histories of dominant ideologies, class struggle, desire, place, displacement, silence, negation, and the void. They run House House Press with David Bradford and their most recent collection of poetry, still, was published by Talonbooks in Spring 2021.

anastasia adams

Anastasia Adams is an abstract painter from Windsor, ON. She obtained her BFA from York University in 1998, and after many years in the local hospitality industry, she recently returned to regular art practice, working out of her studio above the historic Capitol Theatre in downtown Windsor. Concentrating on bold vibrant colours from both urban landscapes and natural environments, her work centers on balance, movement, and the emotive nature of colour. Anastasia is always drawing inspiration from how the environment influences both the internal and external world. Her works are primarily oils, acrylics or mixed media on canvas.

Andre McEachrane

Andrea Mercier

Andrew Deane

Andrew Laitinen

Androideson AndroidesonCZ

Angelica Sciacca

Anita Pistor Fine Art

I create original oil paintings with impressionistic and realistic styles. The subjects of my work span from floral to landscape, portrait to abstract, still life to wildlife, all in very colourful palettes. I have a long history of designing and creating custom furniture and home accessories and therefore my work lends itself to the enhancement of the collector's environment. I hope you enjoy my work. Anita Pistor

Andrea Niven

Andrea Niven is currently a visual arts instructor at the Leamington Arts Centre. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in French with a minor in Visual Arts as well as a Bachelor of Education from the University of Windsor. She is currently a returning student, enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Program at the University of Windsor. Andrea has an extensive background as a visual arts instructor based on her thirty years of service as an elementary classroom teacher with the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board. Andrea developed her passion for visual arts at a young age when she grew up in Amherstburg, Ontario. The Big Creek marsh was situated behind her family home where she was inspired by the beauty of the environment and the changes of the seasons. Accordingly, her artwork is predominantly a reflection of the natural world. Andrea is also a proud member of the Métis Nation of Canada and is committed to sharing indigenous perspectives through her artwork in a meaningful, appropriate and respectful way.

Ann Roth

Anna Rencz

Ann Ducharme

Hello I am an artist working primarily in acrylics I enjoy 2 types realism and dottilism I am the president of the Arts Society of Kingsville. I enjoy promoting, supporting and sharing all things art

Ann Marie Bissonnette

I have been a Visual Arts/English teacher for 21 years with an Honours B.A. in Art/English, a B. Ed and Honours Specialist Degree. As a practicing artist in Essex County for over 30 years my works are primarily paintings in watercolour, acrylics and oil with a creative process path drawn from preliminary photographs and sketches. I also enjoy mixed media works that include layering of recycled papers and organic materials such as bees wax. More recently I have created resin poured jewelry that incorporates found objects, sourced from nature, such as dried flowers, seed pods and other natural elements. I find solace through creativity and use my art to explore the connections between the physical and emotional landscapes around us.

Anthony Saracino

Antua Petrimoulx

Iam an impressive and modern art 🎨 Expositions Artspeak Council Art windsor 2016, Montreal festival jazz , Las Vegas, Detroit, Paris, Mexico. Articles in DIFFERENTS MAGAZINES &NEWSPAPER, TV STATIONS, Macleans Magazine Canada, EL Mañana MEXICO, TELEMUNDO Miami, EL VOCERO NEWSPAPER MICHIGAN STATES, AND MUCH MORE .

April Morris

Arina Pechnikova

Arlene Murphy

Art Galia Inc

Founded in 2004, Art Galia was born from a desire to bring down the barriers and to include all into the contemporary art world: enthusiasts, first-timers, new or seasoned collectors and institutions - we strongly believe that everybody should enjoy the most amazing achievement of human kind: ART. This is our core, this keeps our door open to everyone.

Art Gallery of Windsor

The Art Gallery of Windsor (AGW) is a non-profit public art gallery focussed on presenting the visual arts of Canada. The Gallery was formed on October 1, 1943 and incorporated on June 8, 1944 with the mandate of serving the southwestern Ontario region and the international border community of Windsor, Ontario, Canada and Detroit, Michigan, USA. In the intervening years, it has become a cultural pillar situated in a premium and purpose-built downtown riverfront location overlooking the Detroit River and downtown skylines. The AGW is an award-winning organization known for its cutting-edge contemporary art program and Canadian art collections now approaching 4,000 works. The exhibition galleries (comprising about 15,000 square feet/4,700 metres) include both changing exhibitions and ongoing displays of the acclaimed AGW Collection, which features historical, modern and contemporary art. The AGW’s focus on the visual arts of Canada ensures a unique role distinct from yet complementary to our largest art museum neighbour, the Detroit Institute of the Arts (DIA).

Arts Collective Theatre

Arts Collective Theatre is a not-for-profit organization dedicated and committed to enhancing the well-being of the Windsor Essex community through theatre education, mentorship, and by bringing awareness to social justice issues in Windsor and beyond.

Arts Society of Kingsville

Arts Society of Kingsville (A.S.K.) promotes the arts and artisan crafts to enrich local cultural life and to connect artists with the community. Our mandate is to cultivate and promote the arts through various exhibitions and arts advocacy. We do this through art shows, education, art demonstrations and more.

Asaph Maurer

Ashley Hastings

Ashley graduated from the University of Windsor with a BA Honours in Visual Art and Art History. She then completed her Masters in Library and Information Sciences at Western University in London, Ontario. She currently resides in Windsor, Ontario. She has three artistic loves – crocheting, embroidery and painting. She is inspired by shapes and nature and aims to create a sense of comfort and serenity when viewing her work. Her embroidery presents itself in clean, simple shapes. Her paintings are primarily acrylic, also focusing on shapes – both organic and geometric. Serene and harmonious colours play a dominate role in her work. In her paintings you will find layers upon layers of acrylic paint washes and drippings of water. When working with layers of paint, you can often see the journey from start to finish.

Ashley Mailloux

Association of Representational Artists

We are a Windsor area art group comprised of Representational Artists whose members assist and support each other through the participation in local art shows and events, member workshops and demonstrations, and the opportunity to network with other artists. The Association of Representational Artists (ARA) was formed in 1978 by a group of Windsor and area artists with a desire to learn and work together in support of the art community. Our goal is to maintain high standards for the display and sale of each artists’ work.

Kiki Athanassiadis

Audrey D'astous

Vanessa Shields

Local poet, writer, teacher, Vanessa Shields is a published writer and the owner of Gertrude's Writing Room - A Gathering Place for Writers. Vanessa offers and teaches creative writing workshops, classes, and offers mentoring and editing for writers at all stages of their career.

Avery Lessard

Stefano LaCivita

Avril Lopez

Avril Lopez is a visual artist from Morelia, Mexico. She moved to Canada to complete her MFA program at the University of Calgary, Department of Art in 2018. Lopez is a multidisciplinary artist. Her artwork starts in the sketchbook, moving to different techniques like textiles, video/performance, and installation. Her work investigates creativity as healing process and the use of pretend play to connect with our community. Lopez participated in several group shows in Mexico City, including some of them are, “Los Ojos de la Crueldad” (Eyes of Cruelty) at the San Carlos Museum and a group show and catalog “El Futuro No Esta Escrito” (The Future Is Not Written) part of the “Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche” (Benetton Research Studies Foundation) Venice, Italy. Lopez has exhibited her work in different parts of Alberta and Ontario. Such as, Nickle Gallery (Calgary), Art Point Gallery (Calgary), Artsplace (Canmore), Art commons (Calgary), Living Arts Centre (Mississauga), John b. Aird Gallery (Toronto) and Ruberto Ostberg Gallery (Calgary).

Braeden Beaulieu

Nadia Malik

Banka Dam

Barbara Wagner

Barry Brodie

Barry T. Brodie is a poet, playwright, actor, director and teacher. He has written two books: The Language of the Star – Journals of the Magi and Tom Thomson – On the Threshold of Magic (Black Moss Press). His poetry has appeared in Amethyst Review and The Orchards Poetry Journal. He was a co-founder of Shō – Art, Spirit & Performance and was Chair of Religion and the Arts at Assumption University. He currently teaches a course on the creative process at the University of Windsor. Barry was a founding member of the Earth-Stage Actors, an ensemble that worked closely with Kenneth G. Mills in bringing his poetic and philosophical work to the stage. The film adaptation of his play, The Thousand Colours of the Morning, about Johannes Brahms and Robert and Clara Schumann, is slated for production summer 2023. He is on the editorial staff of Scratchpad, a new literary magazine in Windsor.

Batoolio is a Palestinian-Canadian, Windsor-based, self-taught artist, and 2023 recipient of the City of Windsor’s ACHF grant whose work has been shown in group, and solo exhibits at Phog Lounge, and Artcite Windsor. Her work can also be seen on Spotify as cover art for Windsor-based musicians Dagobah Green, Dig Samples, NOTROMEO, and on her Spotify page, as well. She is involved with the artist community and has been commissioned by local brand Designs by Sav to create a logo, and CJAM 99.1 to develop a sticker for their 2023 Charity Drive. Batoolio draws inspiration from classic painters Freida Khalo, and Vincent Van Gogh, and more recent works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Keith Harring. Batoolio is a multi-media, interdisciplinary artist who uses art to communicate abstract feelings that words cannot, resulting in layered, vibrant, abstract pieces of work, often described as what dreams look like.

Beatnik Art Supplies Katrina Rutter

Fine art supplies- by artists, for artists. Windsor's premier art materials retailer carries a variety of paints, papers, canvas, ink, pencils, printing supplies, mediums, tools and more. Inspiration and advice free of charge. You don't have to be cool to shop here, but shopping here makes you a little bit cooler.

Becky Young

The Beecroft Family

Bela Varga

Beth Kyle

Bev MacKenzie

Bianca Daher

Blair Gagne

Blair Gagne has obtained a B.A. Honours in Dramatic Arts at the University of Windsor. She purses her passion as an active member of the local film and theatre scene. She has taken up professional photography and approaches each project as an outlet for creative expression.

Brayden Jones

Brenda Bastien

Brenda Francis Pelkey

Brendan Scott Friel

Brendan Scott Friel has a song writing finesse that is evident from the very first lines of his spell-binding songs. Seasoned through years of touring as a session guitarist and busking solo across Europe, Brendan combines subtle but intricate guitar playing and emotional storytelling for an intimate and immersive experience that is sure to quiet any room. His latest release, a full length album entitled "Summer Moons", sees Friel partner with Juno winning producer James Bunton. The result is an artfully crafted work, rooted in folk storytelling and acoustic guitar but fused together with unique and vast sonic landscapes.

Brigitte Lefort

Brodie MacPhail

Brodie MacPhail is a freelance artist living and working in Windsor. He graduated from the University of Windsor’s Fine Arts program in 2019, where he received the Mary Demarco Award for outstanding students. Since graduating, he has worked for a range of businesses and institutions local and international including, The University of Windsor Humanities Research Group, Incubator Arts Labs, Innocence Canada, and Adobe. Brodie’s art practice focuses primarily on the dichotomy between control and submission. This is often shown through the use of clean/ precise lines and shapes in contrast to organic textures. He plays with what elements are confined within visible and sometimes invisible borders. His work is centered around the balance of all those elements, and they’re often depicted in stark black and white to evoke a strong contrast. Brodie strives to grab the attention of the audience through bold shapes and then set their mind at ease through alignment, balance, and symmetry.

Brian E. Brown

Camryn Lamotte

Carl George

Carl George is an artist and activist working in experimental film, painting, and collage. He is a founding member of the non-profit art collective Allied Productions and has curated exhibitions in venues such as The Armand Hammer Museum, The Film Society of Lincoln Center, The New York Department of Cultural Affairs, Participant, Inc., The Kinsey Institute, Warner Brothers and Paramount Studios Hollywood, and Cinecitta Studios, Rome. Many of his short experimental films have been shown in festivals internationally and are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney, the Guggenheim Museum, and the New York Public Library. His 1986 short film, The Lost 40 Days has been digitized with the assistance of the National Film Preservation Foundation and is now in the permanent collections of the National Film Archive at the Library of Congress and Anthology Film Archives in New York. His 1989 film DHPG Mon Amour, documenting the radical advances made by people with AIDS in developing their own health care, is a classic of AIDS activist filmmaking and was recently incorporated into the Oscar-nominated documentary How to Survive a Plague (2012). Carl was chosen for a fall 2018 residency at the Yaddo artist colony in Saratoga Springs, New York and is a recipient of several grants and honors including the New York State Council for the Arts and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Carmen Prodantchouk

Carol Anne Winters

Carol Crooks

Carol Schindler

Carolina Venerus

Carrie Davis

Christopher Bissonnette

Christopher Bissonnette is a Canadian musician/sound artist/graphic designer living and working in Windsor/Detroit. He has released four full-length albums for the independent record label Kranky, a release through Russian label Dronarivm, and a collaborative recording with David Wenngren (Library Tapes) on Home Normal. Bissonnette has actively explored visual art, sound and video in a variety of contexts ranging from art galleries to music venues. Over the past twenty years Bissonnette has continued to expand his aural vocabulary and production techniques incorporating elements of music concrete, electroacoustics, field recording and modular synthesis.

Kaitlyn Cote-Caron

Celine Durant

Crystal Waters

Charmaine Billing

Chas Piper

Chelsea Greenwell

Chloe Boyle

Chloe Chlumecky

My work centres around themes of domestic living, daily rituals, and ordinary private moments. Through the use of found objects and analog images I pull inspiration from patterns of light, natural colour palettes, and articles of home life to create oil paintings and mixed media work that aims to give the viewer the experience of seeing their own living routines in a new way. The intention of my work is to create paintings using a thick bodied paint in order to provide a new way of seeing supposedly mundane routines. When our everyday rituals become disrupted we find ourselves clinging to a sense of routine. I like to build my pieces by combining personal experiences of contentment with an underlying sense of tension. Before the Sun Rises, 7:35am (2020) combines these two feelings by linking cold, reflective bathroom textures with the warm form of hot coffee pouring into a mug. During this recent period of isolation, I gather ideas from the home around me. Patterns of morning and afternoon light throughout the day heavily influence the forms, colours, and reflections in my paintings. In order to lose control a bit I mix my oil paint to a thick, oily texture. Doing this creates a challenge when I’m painting; it allows accidental lumps of paint to coincide with intentional brushstrokes to create balance. Pleasure (2018) explores the comfort of home through symbols of domestic living, such as socks, buttons, flowers, coffee cups, pillows, etc. By connecting relaxation with an feelings of discomfort, I aim to create something that is easily accessible for people to relate to.

Chris Dale

Chris Rabideau

Christina Horway

Christine Paris

Cindy Thornton-Teti

Cindy Shafer


Welcome to world of CinnamonBat, a spooky girl living in a creepy-cute world! Pastel colours and glitter with a melty creepiness that'll take you to a whimsical Halloween Land where candy isn't the only thing that's sweet! We even have candy coated skeletons!

Common Ground Gallery

Common Ground Gallery is a not for profit, non-juried art gallery for local, emerging and established artists serving the people of Windsor, Ontario.

Connie Turner

Constance Budd

Craig Wheeler

Cortney Crewe

Crissi Cochrane

Crissi Cochrane's sultry, soulful music is an original blend that honours her East Coast folk roots and her abiding love of jazz, retro pop, and classic soul. Beloved for her velveteen vocals, elevated songwriting, and fierce musicianship, Crissi has amassed more than 13 million listens on Spotify and a reputation as an independent artist to watch. Beginning her career with a debut album recorded at Chicago's famous SOMA Studios (Bright Eyes, Kaki King), Crissi has been "earning her place among Canada’s great pop singer/songwriters" (Steve Venegas, CBC Music), performing hundreds of shows, collaborating with Bono's ONE Campaign, inking a publishing deal and charting in Italy, licensing her music to the TV show "Nashville", delivering a popular TedX talk entitled "Love Songs For Hire", and opening for icons including Buffy Sainte-Marie and Jesse Cook. Between her day-to-day life as an artist, wife, and mother, Crissi is also the co-owner of the Windsor music label, Soul City Music Co-op, and is dedicated to the enrichment of her immediate community of Windsor Ontario.

Cyndra MacDowall

Primary medium is photography. Photography Professor in the School of Creative Arts, University of Windsor

Cynthia Fraschetti

Cynthia Fraschetti is an interdisciplinary artist whose interests lie within the realms of sculpture and jewellery. She is currently pursuing a Major in Interdisciplinary Arts, Minor in Jewellery, and Minor in Art History at NSCAD University while under the Professor David B. Smith Creative Innovators is Tomorrow Award Scholarship. Her work permits her to explore concepts surrounding the interconnectivity, abundance, and beauty within our universe by creating pieces that honour the integrity of the materials she uses. Drawing inspiration from and using natural found objects, her processes of creating employs fate-filled and serendipitous moments in which she react to and work with materials in a way which often leads to a final piece that she can never fully anticipate.

Danah Beaulieu

Dane Roberts

Daniel Bernyk

Dave Fine

Dave Paddick

David Hanna

Visual Artist, Photographer, Videographer, Mixed media, Architectural Technologist, Urban Historical Geography, Fine Art History, Heritage Preservation, Citizen Activist.

David Wagner

David Bergeron

Deanna Tousignant

Debbie Kay

Debbie Kay is a local Windsor artist who was named “Artist of the Year” by Biz X Magazine in 2018. Her work has been shown at the Artspeak Gallery, Nancy John's Gallery, and at the Artilicious show @ Caesar's Casino. Debbie literally fell into art. She fell and hit her head in 2012 and suffered a severe concussion. During her recovery process one of her doctors suggested taking an art class as a form of therapy. This is where she found a new talent, interest and passion in painting. The road to recovery was a long one but art has been a major healer for her. She loves experimenting with different painting techniques using alcohol inks, acrylic and oil paints. Her 'Gord Downie portrait' was featured on CBC with Arms Bumanlag in the Spring of 2018. The original was donated to Caldwell First Nations in Gord's memory. Debbie's goal is to give back to our community through her art. She recently completed 9 large canvases for the Beyond Disabilities room at Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare. To see more of her work you can check her out on Facebook:

Debbie Powell

Dee Calzavara

After serving as an RN for several years, Dee decided to switch it up a bit with training in Fine Arts at OCAD. To that mix she added a B.A. (U.Waterloo), focusing on Spirituality & Personality Development. For the past 25 years Dee's been making art and using "creativity as healing". With those curative experiences under her belt, she decided it was time to step back out into the be of service to the Greater Good. She became an Expressive Arts Practitioner, and an Open Studio Process Facilitator. These endeavours allow her the joy of offering art-making sessions to share and encourage "creativity" in others. Here's documentation from her 2011 art show at the Gibson Gallery in Amherstburg:

Dee (Denise) Calzavara

Denise Turner

Dennis Hunkler

Dennis K. Smith

“Each of us will have something to say and each of us will have our own way of saying it ,but when we take the time to stand still to view the works of God’s hands, we all should listen” Dennis K. Smith Artist, Dennis K. Smith’s distinctive style of painting, results in works that come alive through sensitive and lyrically applied brushwork and vivid choreographed passages of color. For over sixty years, Dennis has been visually vocalizing not only his story but all those who find themselves connected by the subject matter that is depicted within in his work. Art for Dennis must have reason for its creation. If his artistic approach and intent could be characterized in vocal styling terminology, he would consider himself a "crooner." an ironic term denoting an emphatically sentimental depiction of his subjects. It has been noted that his work projects honesty, simplicity and serenity that causes one to pause and connect. Smith believes that the success of a work of art is a result of how well the artist can transform an emotional experience into its visual equivalent.

Derrick Biso

Karla Taylor

I am a Canadian fashion designer, seamstress and emerging Author of Children's books and companion of African Canadian, Native American, and Caucasian dolls, which are representative of the continuance of my family legacy of promoting the value of moral principles and racial harmony.

Diana Mousaly

DJane Kavanaugh

DJane Kavanaugh has published non-fiction in her professional journal, poetry in anthology (Wiskey Sour City) and short fiction in Blank Spaces. She is a retired Speech and Language Pathologist presently studying Creative Writing at Windsor and editing her novel, "The Little River Bridge."

Dominic Pinney

Dominic Pinney is a Canadian, Windsor-Based, Visual Artist who examines the seductive and ominous qualities of the city space through a variety of mediums including, light-based installation, video, sound, sculpture, and text.

Donna Marentette

Donna Moro

Dorit Girash

Drew Sovran

Dubravka Tadic

Erik johnson

Kathryn Tisdale

Ed Janzen

Janzen is a video, drawing, new media and sculpture artist from Windsor Ontario, Canada. His video-based Ambient Walks have taken place in Canada, US, Cuba, Portugal and Spain. Selected exhibitions and inter-media work include: Nuit Blanche Toronto (Ontario), Art Gallery of Windsor (Ontario), Media City (Ontario), Sphere (India), Kassel (Germany), Thames Gallery (Ontario), Antimatter (Br. Columbia), Onion City (Illinois), Australian Film Festival (Australia), Gallery Project (Michigan), CAID (Michigan), Gallery Lambton (Ontario), Hamilton Artists Inc (Ontario) and Basement Media Fest (New York). Since 2020 Janzen and Collette Broeders have collaborated in performative large-scale drawings and video installations. Janzen holds a BFA degree from the University of Windsor.

Edward Johnson

Edward Switalski

Elliott Hale Film and Video

I am a Videographer and Filmmaker living in Windsor, Ontario. I went to the University of Windsor for Communications, Media and Film, and have been doing film and video work for over 7 years. I have a huge interest in storytelling, as well as a great passion for cinematography. I have always felt extremely lucky to be able to do the work I do, and I love collaborating with other people who feel the same way. I love to find creative ways to tell new stories, and to find out how to best tell everyone’s individual story.

Elaine Coventry, MSW

Elaine Coventry, is a master level and registered social worker, passionate facilitator that delivers targeted messages about personal and collective wellness and growth. Her love of the arts inspire her continuous professional development and personal experimentation with expressionism. She has coined herself the Per-missionary Expressionist who intends to promote connection through expressionism. Undergraduates and graduate studies in social work, community economic and social development and specialized studies specific to psychotherapy and expressionism compliment her dedication to support individual, group and community development.

Elaine Carr

Eliana Clemente

Elizabeth Gaye MacDonald

Elizabeth received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree from the University of Windsor School of Visual Arts program in 2000. Afterwards, she volunteered and worked at the Windsor Printmaker’s Forum. There, she curated exhibitions, taught workshops and held several positions on the Board of Directors. In 2009 she founded the Windsor & Essex County Plein Air Artists group. Through this endeavour she organizes weekly plein-air paint-out events throughout the year, including the winter. The biggest influence in her life was her father. He was a naturalist, draftsman and scout leader. He instilled in her a love for art, nature and the volunteer spirit. At the age of 13, Elizabeth was introduced to Tom Thompson and the Canadian Group of Seven painters. She was intrigued by the group's strong ties to nature and the outdoors. Plein air painting brought her love of nature and art together. Elizabeth paints out-of-doors and is an influencer in her community. Find Elizabeth's links to her online platforms through this Link-Tree site:

Emilie Round

Emily Bezaire

Emily Bezaire was born in Essex County, Ontario, and returned to her native roots in 2015 after a twenty-three year interval in the Southern United States. She has been working professionally as a freelance artist since 2006, following in the footsteps of her father, Bruce Bezaire, who has enjoyed a successful career as a fine artist and art professor. Emily has benefited from her father’s guidance, both informally and at institutions of higher learning; the two have also collaborated on a graphic novel adaptation of the biblical book of Jonah. Emily has produced many commissions for clients in her chosen media of graphite and India ink, including album covers and portraits. She also enjoys exploiting her own personal experiences and surroundings to create striking black-and-white ink drawings. Her artwork has been exhibited publicly in the United States and Canada, and can be viewed on her website:

Emily Conlon

Emily Conlon (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist who works primarily in printmaking and drawing. She holds an MFA in Studio Art from the University of Saskatchewan and a BFA Honours in Visual Arts from the University of Windsor. Emily is Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for SK Printmakers and has participated in print exchanges and exhibitions within Canada and internationally.

Emma McGee

Emy Szigyarto

Eric Skelton

Eri Spotton

I'm a Artist and Photographer.

Erik johnson

Erik E-tomic Johnson is a local hip-hop lyricist, vocalist and slam poet. From the Windsor-Essex county area. Erik has been writing and performing poetry for a number of years. He draws his poetic inspiration from his afro indigenous culture and experiences as an artist of color and physically disabled creator. His goal as an artist is to highlight the experiences of BIPOC through storytelling, a theme that is deeply ingrained in all of his poetic endeavours.

Eugenia Catroppa

Eugenio Mendoza

Evangeline John

Faegheh Vicki Kalantari

Fay Lynn

Filip Khan

Film Camp for Kids & Youth for Kids & Youth

Film Camp for Kids & Youth is jointly hosted by the Windsor Centre for Film & Digital Media (non-profit) and the Media Arts Community Centre (charity). The program offers a host of in-person and on-line educational programs for ages 8-18. The camp support the mission of its host: to grow talent and create jobs in media and all arts in southwestern Ontario.

Meredith Finch

Francine Honey

François Grenier

I’m an emerging ceramic artist living in southwestern Ontario, smack in the heart of the ceramics hub of Canada. Ceramic is a complex medium that demands one’s undivided attention at every level of its manipulations and transformations, where one piece requires days or weeks of work and diligence; this medium is in complete sync with how my brain is wired. The complexity of the medium in all its combinations of raw materials for bodies compositions and surface development (I do not use premixed glazes) demands research and testing that I find very exciting; it's a delightful challenge I constantly bask into, and the results are gratifying. Unlike most ceramic artists, my focus on the surface of my works is paramount. My appreciation for the medium is such that I put forward its many elemental, geological qualities. My surfaces are dry and matte; they absorb light and consequentially show depth, they are inviting to the touch, and have a more grounded presence. When working on functional ware, my works retain a lot of the raw aspect of the material.

Frank Incitti

Frank Varga

Fred Jackson

Gabriella Howes

Gabrielle Lichaa

Gail Raymond

Gemma Smyth

The Smyth Family

George Alles

Georgina Attard

Gibson Gallery/Fort Malden Guild of Arts and Crafts

The Gibson Gallery is housed in Amherstburg’s historic (1896) railroad station. The Fort Malden Guild of Arts and Crafts (the Gallery Board), in partnership with the Ontario Trillium Foundation, have used funds earned at Art by the River to restore and maintain this beautiful Romanesque style building. The Guild promotes appreciation of the arts and crafts in Amherstburg. The Gallery season features exhibits by local artists, photographers, stitchers as well as travelling exhibits and annual student exhibits. Holiday Art at the Gallery is our final event of the season. Art and craft classes for adults and children are taught throughout the year and the Gallery is home to needlework, stitchery, quilting and artist guilds. The Gallery, a registered charitable non-profit organization, is open to the public free of charge and is entirely operated and maintained by the volunteer Board and and Gallery members.

Ginny Loeb

Giselle Hinch

Grace Taylor

Graeme Skelton


I Love Everything Art, I look Forward to Making A Huge Entrance, Bringing Success To Both You And I

Grzegorz Stasiak

Gregory Stasiak is a multimedia poet and artist living and working in Windsor, Ontario. Originally from Poland, Stasiak has worked professionally in the arts for many years, both as a practicing artist and as an arts educator. His work has been exhibited internationally, and nationally, with his most recent work, ATM (Art Transfer Machine), being exhibited at Ottawa’s Nuit Blanche. His Video Tome, a book of video poems, was featured at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Stasiak has a vision to share poetry with the public in a way that catches our attention, and changes our perception of the spoken word.

Gulnaz Turdalieva

Gulnaz Turdalieva is a visual artist based in Windsor, Ontario. She loves drawing people, still life, nature and architecture. To get in touch about projects, collaborations or just to ask any question, send an email to​​​​​​​

Guy Williams

Hadas Eitany

Han Wang

Harley Crow

Heather Georgiou


ARTIST STATEMENT I am an artist living in the rural countryside of Essex County in Southwestern Ontario. A landscape that has provided me the perfect backdrop for my creative expression. I find great inspiration from the beauty of nature and the combination of colour, texture and form to create my work. I am a self-taught artist who began my creative journey with oils. My work reflects true love for the medium. With oils I can develop my skill and delicate colour blends allowing me to capture the atmosphere and fleeting moments in time. As an evolving artist, I love exploring different mediums and alcohol inks have been a recent focus. Every day in my studio is a great day when I complete a painting that I love, be it a landscape or portrait. My current inspiration has been my grandchildren and the moments they have on the farm. In my most recent work, ‘Agnes’s New Friend’ and ‘Ian’s Great Catch’, I hope to evoke emotions and memories, that are both personal and collective, that all of us can relate to. Creativity is a power —a power to tell stories, stimulate feelings and embrace life. Helen Lavin*Helenonthefarm* *519-980-5682

Helen Girgenti

Helena Phylactou

Holly Wolter

Hot Pop Factory

Design and fabrication firm in Toronto specializing in laser cutting and 3D printing. Hot Pop Factory is a high tech fabrication studio that helps designers and businesses make their ideas physical reality using laser cutting, 3D printing and CNC milling.


Hrista Stefanova

Hrista Stefanova is a visual artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and a recent graduate of NSCAD University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fine Arts and Art History. Through printmaking, sculpture, and installation practices Stefanova explores how memories and narratives are represented in objects and spaces. Stefanova has exhibited at various galleries across Canada and internationally. She received several academic awards at NSCAD and was a finalist for the 2023 NSCAD Student Art Award for Printmaking. Alongside her ongoing internship at the Anna Leonowens Gallery in Halifax (where she has worked on projects such as Home Work: Lure of the Atlantic), Stefanova has interned at the Arts Council Windsor and Region, has done photography and restoration work at the Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, and has been a figure drawing instructor in NSCAD’s Extended Studies program.

Hussein Samhat

Imogen Wilson


Irena Vucajnk

Irene Moore Davis

Irina Teske

I'm a painter (acrylic on chipboard) and printmaker (linocuts) interested in the relationship between material and subject matter.

Ivanincef IvanincefJS

James Higgins

James comes from Melbourne, Australia where he was submerged in its creative juices. As a teenager he often frequented The Blender Studios, where he was exposed to all types of art and creatives. Years later, he got a studio there for himself where he explored different mediums and techniques, favouring zines, animation and murals. It was around this time that artist Regan Tamanui (who’s work is collected by the National Gallery of Australia) offered James a Mentorship. James learnt stencilling, experimentation between mediums and very basic admin at this time. In 2017 the two had a residency in Queenstown, Tasmania, where the two created a body of work together that would become a touring exhibition titled Sequence. James had used this time to create stencil animations that merge two time consuming, monotonous tasks (cutting stencils, and drawing animation frames) to create his contribution. After this, back in Melbourne, he created his first solo exhibition shown at Bside Gallery and the title piece from that show was featured in “Arts Guide Australia” (a nationwide magazine that shows off contemporary art shows happening around the country). It is also worth noting that around this time James had started an educational role at Blender Studios where he took to doing city wide educational tours and workshops where he taught schoolchildren and tourists the positive impacts of art in an urban environment.
Three solo exhibitions later, James moved to Canada in an attempt to stress out his mother and explore a new creative landscape.

Abdeljabbar Majidi

I am a light and light designer and Internet of Things (IOT) enthusiast. I am also an electronic hobbyist and maker. All my education was invested in the agriculture field(Integrated and Production Management:IPP)

olivia krysa

Olivia is a visual artist from Windsor, Ontario. She is currently in school for animation and has a deep love for creating bug eyed people through her artistic style in her pieces.

Jaimie Jones

James Walls

Jamie Bell

Pierre Studio

Visual Artist residing in Windsor since 2014. Publisher of Songs for Sighs, 2010 - inspirational poetry by her maternal grandmother Rosa Bateman McGee. Five year actor with the Halls Bridge Players in Buckhorn On; raising funds for the community centre. Working with acrylic and oils Janie paints from in dreams and visions that she draws from. Her Indian ink artwork is drawn intuitively with a Turkey Quill. Her paintings can be viewed online and have been displayed in many of the local Galleries including this August 2021 at the Nancy John’s Gallery 36x48” Exhibition.

Jasmine Blanchard

Jason Marin

Javier Gonzalez

Jeff Hucul

Jeff Garrod

Jeff Hucal

Jeff Martin

Jennifer Moore-Tymowska

Jennifer finally succumbed to her Passion for Painting after a globe-trotting twenty-year career as an international fashion model based in New York and Paris. When her parents moved to Windsor in the Seventies - Windsor became a homebase for her, a place to spend important family time. Her abstract expressive paintings are generally big and bold. She uses dynamic colors and challenges their relation to surface as part of her search to define her reality. Jennifer has a spontaneous approach to the canvas - throwing down Colour along with gestural mark-making. Joy and delight in the process and ultimately, transmission of those emotions to the viewers and her collectors is a defining element.

Jerry Lawhead

Jesse Gledhill

Jessica Owchar

Jewish Community Centre

The Windsor Jewish Federation & Community Centre serves as a busy hub of activity, enriching life for the Jewish and greater Windsor communities, based on Jewish values. The Windsor Jewish Federation & Community Center welcomes everyone to share in the richness and culture of Jewish life through social, recreational, educational and cultural activities.

Jill Thompson

Joan Cotte

Joan Murphy-Walker

Joan Watton

Joanne Blackton

Jocelyn Perrier

Jodie Matte

Joe Symchyshyn

Joel Blais

John Chan

John Sturtz

Born and raised in Windsor ON; currently based in Niagara Falls ON. Creator of the "transient si(g)(h)t(e)" photo/micro poetry project. Amateur street scene, abstract and architectural photographer.

Jolie Inthavong


A happy & hip gift shop curated with flavour and fun for everyone to enjoy. Cards, gifts, toys, home decor & beautiful vintage jewellery.

José Seoane hernandez

Jose Seoane is a Cuban – Canadian multi-disciplinary artist, investigating ideas around transculturation and identity within the post modern condition. With a strong background in painting, I have been extending my practice into sculpture and time based media to produce a series of hybrid combined works deconstructing space and time. I am interested in the conceptual fusion and connection between media through the use of diverse materials and languages. Currently he teaches at the School of Visual Arts, University of Windsor, Canada.

Josef Pekar

Joseph Butler

Joseph Ellens

Josephine Hazen

josinah Makotoko

Josinah M. (she/her) is a second-generation, self-taught, African-Canadian artist who creates experimental art from an intersectional framework that stems from her experiences as a black woman. She graduated from the faculty of Sociology at the University of Windsor and her artwork reflects her passions in skateboarding, social theory/justice, feminism and breaking barriers of perception and stigma. As an out-of-the-box thinker, Josinah brings a non-traditional artistic prowess to her creations and a fresh perspective that propels her expansive drive.

Josinah Makotoko

Joy de Bruyn

Jay Raven

I am a visual artist, working and living in Windsor Ontario, Canada. I am a custom painter, graphic illustrator and muralist. As an experienced creative professional I possess a diverse portfolio and unique skillset, and have developed an extensive and variable network of clients, business associates and community partners. I have received grants in support of my work by the Ontario Arts Council and the Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund of Windsor. My work has been displayed in galleries and businesses for over a decade in both Detroit, Michigan and Windsor & Essex County, Ontario.

Jude Quick

Judith Medina Bautista

Judy Chappus

Judy DePassio

Julia Mammarella

Julia Adams

Julia Adams is a practicing visual artist who received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2016 at the University of Windsor. Julia is also now a teacher living and working within Windsor- Essex County. During her undergrad, Julia’s work portrayed the harmful effects of pollution on our planet. Now her art practice focuses around ideas of self-care, and finding and appreciating the beauty of the world around her. Julia is looking forward to jumping back into the Windsor art scene, as well as meeting other young artists in order to create a welcoming, positive environment.

Julie Tucker

Julie Sando

Julie A Bell

Julie A. Bell is a native of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in printmaking – intaglio at the University of Windsor. While living in Louisiana, she received her Master of Fine Arts in printmaking and drawing at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, U.S.A. She has worked as an illustrator, graphic designer and instructor both in the U.S. and Canada. Her work is in private collections across the world including the United States, Germany, England, Hungary, Japan, South Africa and India. She is primarily an abstract artist working in mixed media collage and acrylic both on canvas and glass. Although each require very different approaches technically, she brings to both her bright and daring colour combinations and  energetic compositional skills. Her imagery is rooted in an exploration of social concepts, scientific theory and natural and man-made environments. Her choice of collage materials often reflects her interest in technology and the pursuit of the “ideal” which inevitably becomes obsolete, decayed and irrelevant. Meaning is as layered as her collages and the viewer is welcomed to explore its depths.    

Julka Vlajic

Justin Elliot

Jennifer Willet

Dr. Jennifer Willet is an artist, a Canada Research Chair in Art, Science, and Ecology, a Professor in the School of Creative Arts at the University of Windsor and the Director of INCUBATOR Art Lab, founded in 2009. She is a member of the College of New Scholars, Artists, and Scientists in the Royal Society of Canada. Willet is a leader in the Canadian bioart community and works internationally as an artist and curator in the field. In 2018, Willet opened a new state-of-the-art bioart laboratory, and in 2020 a storefront bioart studio and community engagement centre in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Kai Kristoff

Hi! My name is Kai (they-them) and I'm a local artist. My focuses are broad, but at the moment I've been writing poetry, composing guitar songs, painting on glass and similar mediums, and refurbishing furniture. I enjoy participating in local events and am looking to learn more about art and the community in Windsor.

Kaitlyn Howard

Kalie Chapman

Karen McClellan

Karen Rockwell

Karen Sylvia Rockwell is a local poet who has just retired her counselling position, after working in the social service field for 43 years. Somewhere in the last ten years, Karen fell in love with visual art. It began as a strong desire to play, most likely to alleviate burnout. First, taking watercolour classes from Pina Bernardi, then participating in a Creative Living Series of classes offered at Sho Art Spirit Performance, and among them, an art technique taught by Katherine Roth. It was here that Karen found her artist! She swiftly adopted the technique (decalcomania) and coined her own process Accidental Art (in upcylcled frames). She joined the Walkerville Artists Co-op (now Collective) in 2016, displaying and selling her art there until 2021. Karen still writes poetry, and continues to explore new visual art mediums and techniques, and participates in local art shows such as Nancy Johns Gallery's Size Show, Artspeak Gallery's Mistletoe & Snow, and Artcite's Doin' the Louvre, and this year's Togetherness show.

Karen Ferencik

Kari Lynn Hewett

Katherine Melanson

Kathleen Paterson

Kathryn Holmes

Kaylyn Pickering

Ken Doody

Kevin Hodson

Kevin Johnson

Kiara Aryana

Kaitlyn Karns

Born and raised in Windsor- Essex County, Kaitlyn is a class of 2020 graduate from the University of Windsor's Masters of Education program with a concentration in Curriculum Theory and Development. During her time at the Faculty of Education, she completed a thesis focusing on the pathways of creative arts undergrads and their transitions into higher education. Kaitlyn is very passionate about higher education, the creative arts, student transition and recruitment, and finally using the arts to educate students of all ages in an innovative way. You may also recognize Kaitlyn from her time involved with an extensive number of Windsor- Essex County theatre groups, having performed on a number of stages in the surrounding area. 

Kat Pasquach

Kathryn Pasquach, a Cree women with ties from the Mushkegowuk area a member of Moose Cree First Nation. Growing up in Toronto, Kathryn began making jewelry at a very young age taught by her mother and grandmother, she has over 20 years of experience crafting jewelry. In addition to her jewelry line, she also handcrafts moccasins, pouches, dreamcatchers and modern beaded jewelry.

Kristen Siapas

Kristina Bradt

Kristyn Hartford Art

My journey to becoming the artist I am today started very young with coloring and creating which continued on into adolescence. I was told in high school, I was on my way to becoming an illustrator so I decided to continue my artistic growth at the University of Windsor. I expanded my knowledge with painting and fell in love with the process and creation of it all. I graduated with a bachelor of Fine Arts. Since University, I have participated in many galleries including The Thames Art Gallery and Nancy John's Gallery. In 2022, I plan to have several more pieces and shows available to the community.


I have a passion for the arts. I have a bachelor of honours in Drama in Education and community.

kutikovami kutikovamiUE

Kyle Lemmon

Lana Talbot

Laura Fontaine

Laura Navarro

Laura Horne Gaul

Laurel Storey, CZT

Laurel Storey, CZT is a writer, artist, and Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT®) based in Walkerville. She has been practicing Zentangle® since 2013 and received her CZT designation in 2016. The Zentangle Method, created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. As a Certified Zentangle Teacher Laurel is qualified and authorized by Zentangle, Inc. to offer official Zentangle classes, and throughout the years has had the honour and privilege of teaching hundreds of students in both public and privately scheduled Zentangle and Zentangle-Inspired Art (ZIA) classes. She is available for individual and group instruction, both in the Windsor-Essex region and online. Laurel is proud to be an active participant at Walkerville Artists Collective (WAC), where she has been a Member Artist since 2017 and served on the Board of Directors since 2018. Her juried media currently on display in the WAC gallery include Zentangle-Inspired Art as well as photography, and she also offers Zentangle and Zentangle-Inspired Art classes and hosts “Tangle Club” in the beautiful WAC classroom spaces.

Lauren Kotow

Lauren Laroque

Lawren Nause

I am a local artist originally from Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia but now live in the Town of Lakeshore, Ontario. I have a lifelong passion for the arts and I have been doing oil and watercolour paintings for over 50 years. I like to manly paint landscapes and seascapes of places in Canada and the United States in a realistic style using vibrant colours. All my paintings are original using my own subject matter or from photographs others have provided with their permission to use in a commissioned painting or for my reference as a composition I would like to paint. I have recently started painting still life paintings and enjoy the challenge they present. All my still life paintings are original works of art using my own setup to do the painting. I mainly do my paintings in “alla prima” which means wet on wet so they are usually completed in one day but sometimes two with the paint still wet. I belong to several Facebook Art Groups with an international membership. I routinely post my paintings to these pages and have received many complimentary remarks on the quality of my work. I can be contacted on my Facebook page Oil Paintings by L. A. Nause or by email at I am a member of the Arts Council - Windsor & Region, Windsor, Ontario.

Laura Becker

My art has been focused on exploring new methods and techniques for creating framed panels made of glass and metal. I use recycled glass containers and found objects combined with conventional stained glass raw materials in my pieces. Traditional Tiffany-style copper foil stained glass techniques are used to assemble, while copper sheets, wire and other objects add a sculptural, 3-dimensional element. I am unendingly inspired by organic shapes found in nature with a strong preference for asymmetry. I enjoy using the natural grain of the glass to enhance visual movement coupled with distinct line-work to create and enhance the flow in my designs. I find this medium captivating as it is ever-changing depending on the surrounding light. The cast light and reflections from the panels onto surrounding surfaces creates another dimension which compliments and reinforces the piece. I have a strong fascination and great respect working with such delicate, unforgiving and potentially dangerous materials.

Lucas Cabral

Lucas’ practice explores the ways we nourish/are nourished through intimacy and the dynamics that inform these exchanges. Recent curatorial projects include I Can Boogie But I Need a Certain Song at Artcite Inc. and If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It at McIntosh Gallery. Lucas is currently the Executive Director of Artcite Inc.

Leamington Arts Centre

The Leamington Arts Centre (LAC) is located in the heart of South Western Ontario’s beautiful uptown Leamington in one of the town’s many wonderful heritage buildings. The LAC is a 10,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, and fully accessible facility which offers 4 exhibition spaces, education studio spaces, meeting space, a gift shop and art supply store. The LAC was established as the South Essex Arts Association in 1971 as a charitable not-for-profit arts organization dedicated to creating and sustaining a celebration of the human spirit through the nurturing of the arts with our community. The LAC is a community meeting space and hub for the arts and culture in Leamington and Essex County featuring up to 40 diverse exhibitions each year in its 4 exhibition spaces, a permanent collection, appraisal services, tours, facility rentals, artist markets and much more.

Lee Rodney

Leena Bourne

Leona MacIntyre

Ugly Art Studio offers a flexible space for gallery shows, events, classroom teaching and workshops.

Levigator Press

Levigator Press is a printmaking and book arts studio in the Walkerville neighbourhood of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. We offer press rental, private instruction, and workshops in a number of print media as well as bookbinding, drawing, and fibre arts. Levigator Press is owned and operated by artist Jodi Green.

Linda Lord

Lindsay Stieler

Lois Larkin

Lois Reid

Lori Lorimer

Original designs in stoneware clay -- Raku, Saggar and traditional glaze. Local artist.

Lou Cox

Luis Manuel Cisneros Alavez

Luke Maddaford

Lupita Amaya

Lynn Jewell-Hammie

Mackenzie Hall

Madison North

Madison Espie

Maham Gull

Maia Nitschke

The Mailloux Family

Maja Bogoevski

Makayla MacEachern

Margaret Guillet

Margaret Van Der Veen-Dawson

Margot Forman

Watercolour and oil painter . Member of Windsor Essex Plein Air Painters, Art Society of Kingsville and the Gibson Gallery. Studied painting and drawing at The Art School of the Society of Arts and Crafts., Detroit and OCA Toronto.


Mark Crampsie

Mark Renaud

Martin Stevens

Mary-Lou Gelissen

Mary MacLauchlan

Mary Wheeler


Maryam Safarzadeh is an Iranian Poet and Painter who recently moved to Canada. Maryam started painting at only 10 years old and learned many different techniques from various Masters of Painting in Iran. She studied Graphic Design at university and she has been painting from after graduating until today. Her medium is oil colour and canvas but she has experience with all the other mediums. Maryam has been teaching art and creation for 20 years in various art schools and institutes, as well as in her own studio at Sho Art, Spirit & Performance. The main subject of Maryam’s paintings are women. She always says that it feels like thousands of women are living inside of her and she voices them through her paintings.

MaryAnne Bakos

Maria Belenkova-Buford

Matt Maenpaa

Max Vanderheide

Max Marshall

Donna Jean Mayne

Following graduation in Visual Arts from the University of Windsor, Donna further refined her artistic skills at Detroit's Center for Creative Studies. She was then appointed Art Director of several large-scale Canadian mural projects before launching her business, “Fine Sculpture,” in 2013. Donna's work is inspired by the exquisite grace of the human form and influenced by romantic imagery of Neo-classical art. Her first series of sculptures called "Gift of Water” was exhibited and awarded in a 2015 international competition. Donna finds great joy in creating lasting bonze tributes to those who have made a positive difference in the lives of others…most notably, the social rights activist, Mary Ann Shadd (Cary). On completion of her undergraduate work in Fine Arts, Donna further refined her skills at Detroit's Center for Creative Studies. She was appointed Art Director of several large-scale Canadian mural projects before launching her business in figurative sculpture. Donna's work is inspired by the exquisite grace of the human form and influenced by romantic imagery of Neo-classical art. Her first series of sculptures called "Gift of Water" was exhibited and awarded internationally. Commissioned works include a ​life-size bronze tribute to the incredible social rights advocate, Mary Ann Shadd.

Mayowa Balogun

Mckenna Jack

Multicultural Council of Windsor & Essex County

Non-profit umbrella organization committed to assisting newcomers to Windsor-Essex. Windsor is among one of the most diverse cities in Canada and for over 40 years the Multicultural Council has provided support and assistance to newcomers in making their transition into our community.

Meaghan Sweeney

Media City Film Festival

Media City Film Festival is an annual international festival of film and digital art, presented in Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan since 1994. It is the only organization in the world to regularly present artists’ film on both sides of an international border.

Maria Mediratta

Maria Mediratta is an artist and educator residing in Windsor, Ontario while pursuing a Master’s of Fine Arts at the University of Windsor. Mediratta has a passion for printmaking, design and the environment, all of which greatly influence her artwork.

Meg Reiner

Mei Sun

Melissa Bergeron

Melissa Thomas

Menka Doutsas

Merry Ellen Scully Mosna

Mariama Henry

Mia Lee-Daigle

Michael Bondy

Michael Lucenkiw

Mick Chow

Mike Hargreaves

Mike Kovaliv

Mirror World Publishing

Mirror World Publishing is a small independent publishing house based in Windsor, Ontario. We publish quality paperbacks and ebooks that feature other worlds, times and versions of reality. Our novels are for all ages and are creative, unique, imaginative and engaging.

MMA Architect Inc.

MMA Architect Inc. is a professional architectural firm in Windsor, Ontario. Architect Stuart Miller, B. Arch, OAA creates spaces that enable you to thrive in your environment. We offer our clients personalized high-quality services and equitable fees.

Melissa Marchant

Michelle Chappus

I work in mixed media and acrylic, mostly on canvas.

Mona Makki

Morgan Cantagallo

Digital marketing student that specializes in graphic design. Traditional oil/acrylic painter in my spare time.

michael ohara

Photographer who specializes in Black & White landscape photography of the Great Lakes.

George Marshall

Josip Vucajhk

Jo-Anne Ediger

Munazza Naeem

Mya Fverth

Nafeesa Sohail

Nancy Mills

Nancy Nosanchuk

Nancy Yim-Holt

Nancy Bauer


An Essex County artist who explores her art through emotional expression. I let the paint dictate where it wants to go. I am keenly interested in developing and growing more . I love colour and design. I paint with acrylics and almost any surface .

Naomi Pelkey

Natalie Nadeau

Neils Peter Olsen

Nerryinpub NerryinpubLK

Nick Gaskco

Nicole Krapac

Nicole Couture

Nancy Johns Gallery & Framing

Located in Pillette Village, Nancy Johns Gallery & Framing specializes in custom framing and Windsor’s local artists. Owner, Nancy, has over 30 years experience, and her employee Dianne has worked at the gallery for over a decade. They are both local artists, and have a special appreciation for all things art and custom framing. Whether you are interested in renting or purchasing art, framing your own collection, or creating a custom gift, they have everything you need to acquire that perfect piece of art.

Nicole McCabe

Will fill in

Nora Harvey

Nora is a self-taught artist working from her home studio in Olde Walkerville, Windsor, Ontario. Nora has always had a passion for art, drawing and sketching for as long as she can remember. It was in her formative years growing up in Europe that she began to discover her passion for art and would spend countless hours sketching and painting. The need to express herself creatively remained a strong desire throughout her whole life. For the past fifteen years, she has participated in numerous drawing, painting, computer rendering and mixed media techniques. She is known for the abstract celebrations of her admiration for textured surfaces and rough contours uniquely sculpted, three dimensional oil, acrylic and mixed media on canvas.

Nozah Omar

Livingstone, Ober-Rae Starr

I find inspiration in the beauty of nature. As a young man I worked on ships, hitchhiked, and travelled by buses and trains in order to make my way around the world. Much of what I experienced visually and emotionally makes its way into my paintings. I paint the landscape with the hope that, by depicting the beauty of Creation, others will remember that feeling of awe and peace that we often experience when we stop to watch a sunset, to observe the play of light dancing on water, or when we take the time to observe sun and shadow sweeping across a valley. My work has been published in in the Plein Air Magazine, Acrylic Artists Magazine, AcrylicWorks 4-Captivating Color, AcrylicWorks 5-Bold Values, The Artists Magazine, The International Artist Magazine, Blank Spaces Magazine, Practique des Arts (French publication), the Art to Art Palette, and numerous online art blogs. I have had the good fortune to have won awards in internationally recognized shows including The National Oil and Acrylic Painters Best of America Shows, the International Society of Acrylic Painters shows, the Plein Air Salon, the Artists Magazine, and the Art Muse Contest. I am a Signature Member of, and on the Board of Directors for the “National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society” and a member of the Board of Directors for “Artcite”, a nationally recognized artist run gallery in Windsor Ontario, where I live. I am also a Signature Member of the “International Society of Acrylic Painters”, and a member of the Oil Painters of America.

Ostoro Petahtegoose

Ostoro is a Nishnaabe of Atikameksheng Anishnawbek, indigiqueer, nonbinary Goldsmith abd mixed media artist. In Ostoro’s personal and professional life they seek meaningful ways to connect back to their home of Atikameksheng Anishnawbek and their Indigenous identity through the work of building relations while learning their cultural language Nishinaabemwin, all while being obsessed with and producing works around the themes of hauntings, ghosts, relations, language and land.

Owen Swain

Owen Swain is a Windsor, Ontario illustrator and painter working in a variety of media and styles. He is interested in all manner of subjects while specializing in on location, observational drawing, sketching, painting, mentoring and portraiture. He's rarely without a sketchbook. Owen’s creative impetus is daily observational drawing that moves beyond looking to seeing, incorporating the spiritual in the everyday, the universal in the particular. The "seeing/drawing" method of the late, renowned Frederick Franck is core with its transferable life skills as Owen ---- a "theology of making". Currently he is exploring new directions and building a new body of work. Highlights: - author-illustrator of the coffee table colouring book "#tourdesketch-Windsor" and creator of the former sketch-out event of the same name. - his large painting called "Saints Sung and UnSung: 39 Portraits Plus One" is on permanent display at St. Basil's Parish Toronto. - one of twelve artist selected for the "AGW Cares – Essential Workers Thank You" exhibit, October 8, 2020 – January 9, 2022. - illustrated: Marty Gervais' "Five Days Walking Five Towns -Touring Windsor's Past" ; several local musicians CDs ; sets of trading cards of independent booksellers and bookstores for Biblioasis Publishing. - authored and illustrated a feature for GEEZ Magazine. - people, pet and residential portrait paintings tare held in private collections. - a featured vendor at Art In The Park and the Downtown Windsor Farmers Market for several seasons with a series of greeting cards and prints of Windsor-Essex locales has been Website is currently under changes. See, IG FB.

Philip Hill

Pam Hartford

Paper Knife

Community theatre with an edge.

Pat & Jennifer Lee

Patricia Fenton MacKenzie

Family name

After earning my BFA from the University of Windsor, I then packed myself up and moved to Toronto, Ontario in order to pursue my career as an artist. As the years went by, I found with work, marriage, children, and, life in general, I had been led further and further away from my artistic self. In 2018 I had the opportunity to fully concentrate on making my art with the opening of my Etsy shop, Labelle Street Press. I'm now back in Windsor, and specializing in linocut printmaking, creating multi-colour prints using the reduction method, of which I am self taught. My art focuses on the simple beauty which lies right in front of us, but is often overlooked. A shadow, a line, a colour, a texture, for whatever reason, draws you in and compels you to pay attention...the beautiful mundane. It examines the impact even the smallest things can have on us. The reduction process which I use is, to me, the perfect medium in which to relay this message. The time, patience and mindfulness required to produce each piece gives the subject mater worthiness and reverence.

Patrick Gillin

Gail Johnson-Caille

BFA, Graphic Artist, Instructional Designer, University of Windsor.

Paul Gougeon

Paul Hargreaves

Paul Martens

Paul Fisher

Paul Napigkit

Payam Pooyafar

Born in Rasht city in the North of Iran, Payam was very obsessed with drawing, painting and expressing himself visually since childhood. From the age of 12, he spent his teenager years painting under supervision of the local masters in his city to study art and improve his painting skills in oil medium. After participating in local exhibitions, he decided to continue his journey self-taught to find his inner artist. Moving into Newfoundland, incredibly inspired by the nature and the unique culture in the east coast of Canada, he painted a lot of pieces loved by the locals which among them the most memorable piece was the one titled “The last Supper of Puffins”. Winning the Provincial Arts and Letters award for Senior Visual art in 2020, and the increasing demands for commissions, he gathered momentum and motivation to pick painting as one of his professional careers. He is currently living in Windsor Ontaro working on a new series of Paintings titled “Alc”.

Joey Stewart

Peter Billing

Peter Karas

Peterocef PeterocefUN

Pamela Henke

My interest in art stems from photography i studied at Sheridan college receiving high honors. Having travelled to Europe several times i was so attracted to the ancient historical buildings and narrow walkways. This has lead to a 10 year career in painting my captions from these wonderful memories.

Post Productions

Post Productions provides intimately-staged entertaining theatrical experiences that arouse the heart and fuel the mind, drawing patrons into lives quite unlike their own to help them understand the world, other people, and themselves with fresh insight. As a unique brand of theatre, Post Productions complements the Windsor-Essex scene by staging provocative productions for audiences that want more for their dollar. Post Productions is a resident company at The Shadowbox Theatre (1501 Howard Avenue).

Michael Potter

Michael K. Potter is a producer, director, actor, and playwright who is the managing director of Post Productions and co-owner of The Shadowbox Theatre.

Pauline Morais

I’m a retired educator who has been experimenting with acrylic art and multimedia painting for the past 15 years. I am mostly a representational artist in the process of expanding her art. I like to add texture to some of my paintings by adding cut glass. I believe in life long learning and joining an arts community allows one to do through networking and social interaction.

Bianca Lenarduzzi

I love all things art related

Ron Dufault

Rachael Watson

Rachel Loerts

Raida Farzat

Hi! My name is Raida, and I'm an artist originally from Homs, Syria. "Rayyooshi" is one of the many nicknames my family has given me. Technically, it translates to "little feather." You can call me Raida or Rayyooshi. Although my focus is mainly digital art, I also do traditional art from time to time. I love making both fantasy-related art and art inspired by my Syrian & Levantine heritage. My main sources of inspiration are old Syrian post stamps, memories of my childhood, and other Syrian artists.

Rashmi Dadwal

Yeganeh Rasouli

Dedicated, creatively inclined new career Visual Artist with a burgeoning background in the artistic mediums of painting and photography. Adept at working independently on projects and committed to achieving visual innovation by further enhancing artistic abilities. Main objective is to utilize artistic skills gained through grant to create art that will drive impact in communities.

Roger Boyle

Rebecca Draisey

Rebecca McKenzie

Renee Pomerleau

Richard Green

Rick Santarossa

Riverfront Interarts

Riverfront InterArts (RFIA) is a non-profit arts and culture presentation organization located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. We come from near and far and consistently strive to bring the best of the world to you, our community and audience.

Robert Weir

I like to salvage old copper, aluminium, mild steel, wood, glass and leather to create unique sculptures.

Robert Gervais

Roger Hewett

Rory O'Connor

Rose MacDonald

Rosina Riccardo

The Roy Family

Royal Canadian College of Organists

The Royal Canadian College of Organists (RCCO) is a national arts service organization with a passion for the organ and its music. We support, promote, and celebrate, Canadian organists, composers, organ-builders, educators, choir directors, and others who share our passion by providing resources and opportunities through our programmes and services. We seek to enrich the lives of Canadians by engaging the wider public in Canada’s rich organ heritage and vibrant organ culture.

Ruby Mckinnon

Rusty Barton

Sabrina Sisco

Samantha Enriquez

Sandie Collins

Sandra DeVries

Sandra Jabbour

Sarah Hagman

Sarah Jarvis

Sarah Kelly

Sarah VanSloten

Sarah Morris

School of Dramatic Arts

The mission of the School of Dramatic Art is to provide an expanding and vital cultural resource to the University and to the community. The School fosters collaboration among students, faculty and staff in the pursuit of artistic development, education and creative/scholarly activity of the highest quality. Excellence in instruction, together with varied and experimental approaches to the teaching of theatre artists and educators create a spirited student-centred environment where potential is nurtured.

Sean Sweeney

Sandra Ellis

Sketching since I can remember, painting since high school, technical illustration since college and university. Professor at St. Clair College in Interior Design since 1989, past Coordinator of the Design program. The recipient of "The Award for Teaching Excellence" , "The Award of Excellence for Teamwork" , "Special Recognition of Excellence" and "The President's Excellence Award" in teaching. Past member (still active) of "Women Making a Difference" and board member of "The Fogolar Furlan Women's Association". Past board member of the Windsor Printmakers Forum.

Serina Timperio

Shallen Chen

Shane Wright

Sharlene Lance

Sheila Laurin

Sheila Laurin is a watercolour painter from Lakeshore, ON. Her style is based on realism but with an impressionistic flair. She does graphite sketches as preparatory studies, and enjoys doing plein air painting of her subjects. She likes to find ways to design a compelling composition that includes contrast. Her paintings guide viewers to scenes that reflect the surrounding beauty of Southern Ontario in all seasons. She has entered her paintings in the Art of Watercolour magazine Reader’s Competition and has displayed paintings in four different local exhibits. She continues to hone her skills as a painter by being an active member of a painting club. I have an online presence via Instagram @SHEILALAURI3.

Sheila Doiron

Shelly Claus

Sherrilynn Colley-Vegh

Sharon Hinbest

A former and re emerging artist, interest in music, theatre, dance, multi-media arts, social issues, diversity, accessibility, cultural studies, community arts development.

Shirley Williams

Sona Rouhandeh

Sophie Hinch

Bilingual artist, educator, and arts administrator focused on enriching the artistic culture in her community through community engagement. Currently residing and practicing in Essex, ON, Sophie is interested in incorporating elements of nature, mapping, and biomorphism in her works. She previously worked at the Leamington Arts Centre as Programming and Curatorial Assistant, and as an Artist-in-residence for the Conseil Scolaire Catholique Providence. Sophie currently works at the Art Gallery of Windsor as the Education and Public Programs Coordinator, and serves as Secretary to the Board of Directors at Artcite Inc.. Sophie was a member of the Vanguard Youth Arts Collective from 2017-2020, serving as both secretary and president.

Soul City Music Co-op

Launched on January 1st, 2020, the Soul City Music Co-op is not your traditional music label. Co-founded by Windsor singer-songwriters Mike Hargreaves and Crissi Cochrane, the label strives to unite artists who are committed to enriching the community that they live in, while fostering sustainable self-managed music careers for a small but mighty roster of Windsor artists: The Bishop Boys, Brendan Scott Friel, Crissi Cochrane, Dane Roberts, Madeline Doornaert, Max Marshall, Mike Hargreaves, and The Family Soul.

South Windsor School of Music

Family-owned and operated, South Windsor School of Music has been providing the South Windsor community with private music education in South Windsor for 15 years. We are located at the central intersection of Dominion & Grand Marais.

Spencer Montcalm

Sonia Sulaiman

Sonia is an artist and writer currently working on two books featuring Palestinian folktales, disability, and diaspora poetry. Her work has appeared in Whisky Sour City, and Uppercuts by Black Moss Press, in Write Magazine, at OurWindsor and WindsoriteDOTca. She is a recipient of an Ontario Arts Council Recommender Grant for Writers for A Personal Paradise, a collection of poetry about the wounds of colonialism and the Palestinian diaspora. She is also working on a collection of Palestinian folktales in prose; the first volume are retellings of animal stories and fables from Palestine. In her spare time, Sonia volunteers as a submissions editor for Hugo Award winning Uncanny Magazine, and as a first reader for Augur Magazine. She was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, and has an MA in English Language and Literature from the University of Windsor where she taught workshops in instructional skills for professors. She is an Ontario Certified Teacher, and holds a University Teaching Certificate.

Christine Jones

Christine is a local artist, working as a painter mostly, but always exploring other mediums. Christine has been painting and drawing from a young age, and received formal training from the University of Windsor, with a B.A in Visual Arts. After years of neglecting her creative side, she has returned to work as an artist using her intuitive creativity to express the landscape around her.

Stephanie Barnhard

I am the president of Windsor Endowment for the Arts

Stephen Drouin

Stephen Lutvak

Stephen Nilsson

Stephen Romanow

Stephen Woo

Stephen Mueller

Stephen Mueller is an artist, musician, and recovering PhD candidate in Art and Visual Culture at Western University. He holds an MFA in Visual Arts from the University of Calgary and a BFA in Visual Arts from the University of Windsor. His performance-based research has been exhibited in Artist-Run Centres across Canada, including Open Space (Victoria), Eastern Edge (St. John’s), The New Gallery (Calgary), Latitude 53 (Edmonton), Artcite Inc. (Windsor) and Forest City Gallery (London). His durational performances have appeared in numerous festivals, including: Words and [ ]: A Durational Conference of Art and Thought (Montréal), the 2016 Duration and Dialogue Performance Art Festival (Toronto), M:ST 7 (Calgary), Visualeyez 13 (Edmonton) and the 2011 Art Gallery of Windsor Biennial. Stephen currently serves his community as the Programming Coordinator for Artcite Inc.

Steve Daigle

Sue Cole

Suellen Evoy-Oozeer

I am a community artist working largely with Kettle & Stony Point First Nations, since 2009. My art is about creating community. In Windsor I was one of the founding members of the Backroom Gallery which evolved to the Walkerville Artist's co-op. I also have served on several boards in Windsor,Art Council Windsor & Region, Artcite and New Beginnings. I have developed an Intuitive Energy workshop which has received a very positive response from participants. Presently, I work with articles on canvas and have been doing spirit portraits since 2016. I also enjoy painting abstracts. My work is consistently about trying to capture the elusive energy between Spirit, Humanity and Earth, even when that isn't my intention.

Susan Washington

Susan Gold Smith

Suzanne Konyha

Riverfront InterArts

Ms. Petruk holds a BFA Honours in Dance, specializing in Dance Science and Dance Education from York University, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management from George Brown College, is a fully certified Conditioning-with-Imagery (C-I) Training™ Teacher and is a recent participant of The Succession Plan (TSP), a mentorship and peer network development program for emerging and mid-career presenters and other performing arts professionals delivered by the Canadian Association for the Performing Arts (CAPACOA). ​She has eighteen (18) years of progressive administrative experience in various industries and sectors including mutual funds, market research and consulting, finance, arts and entertainment, long term care, and transportation. ​ As well, she has had the opportunity to perform, work and study with some of Canada’s most well known and celebrated choreographers, musicians, educators, and arts institutions including Donna Krasnow, Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt, Robert McCollum, Erik Geddis, Carol Anderson, Lumilla Kozlenko, Tita Evdente, Darryl Tracey, Craig Wingrove, Luther Brown, Toronto Dance Theatre, The National Ballet of Canada, and Canada’s National Ballet School. Ms. Petruk is a member of the Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC), Canadian Dance Assembly (CDA), Dance Ontario, Ontario Presents, Mass Culture, and the Canadian Association for the Performing Arts (CAPACOA). She promotes various organizations including the International Society for Performing Arts (ISPA), International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM), Dance Collection Danse (DCD), Medical Problems of Performing Artists, Actsafe, The Royal Conservatory, the National Arts Centre (NAC), Canadian Stage, Place des Arts, and the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity.

Talon Thornton

Talysha Bujold-Abu

Tamara Sockdjou

Tanya Ciotti

Tavis Lea

Tammy Blaze Photography

I find meditation in various forms, whether it's sitting on a cushion with my hands in prayer, riding my motorcycle with hands on the grips, or quietly walking in nature while holding my camera. Each practice offers unique ways for me to immerse myself in the beauty that surrounds us. My passion for photography is evident in my diverse body of work, which ranges from capturing candid moments of friends, animals, and nature, to working with clients, products, and food. I humbly attribute my ability to encapsulate peace in each of these subjects to my experience as a yoga teacher and my essential desire to reflect goodness in all aspects of life. In still life photography, one can notice the kindness, love, care, and compassion I have for the world. Through my yoga practice, I strive to capture moments of stillness, grace, joy, difficulty, and love, ensuring that my clients feel comfortable and fostering an energetic flow of kindness. My photography style often revolves around natural light, creating a serene atmosphere and infusing that tranquil quality into my connection with clients. My portfolio includes noteworthy experiences, such as photographing book covers for authors Jen Oliver and Renee Meloche, capturing festival moments for The Windsor Essex Tourism Board and The Walkerville Art Walk. I have also had the privilege of working on projects involving automotive texture masters for FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), concert photos for Drop Dead Famous at The Walkerville Theatre, as well as capturing precious moments such as baby photos, bridal showers, weddings, and client headshots.

Teajai Travis

Theodore Hogan

I am both a performing musician (saxophone) and entertainer/artist through Ted Paints Faces. Currently members of The Nefidovs band and 404 Not Sound improvisation group, I was also a member of The Greedy Echoes. I am grateful for Ted Paints Faces' continued relationship with various Windsor groups and seasonal events, including DWFM, Open Streets, Windsor-Essex Pride Fest, The Mama Expo, and Walkerville Art Walk. Additionally I am the saxophone and clarinet tutor at the Walkerville Centre for the Creative Arts, and a recipient of the 2020 round the Arts Culture & Heritage Fund, for a live-stream performance during Pride Month.

Teddie Ursu

I am a Windsor-based visual artist studying for a BFA at the University of Windsor. I work in a lot of paintings and mixed-media work and my primary choice of medium is acrylic or oil-based painting alongside drawing, sculpting and collage making. My inspiration comes from abstract art and I create pieces that encourage the involvement and imagination from viewers. I have exhibited my work at the University of Windsor’s School of Creative Arts and additional events such as the Romanian Art Connections in Windsor, Ontario.

Denise Bellaire Fine Art

Denise Bellaire is a plein Air Artist/studio artists who is a member of Windsor Essex Plein Air Painters Association. Denise works with several mediums including watercolor and acrylic painting but her favorite medium is oil.

Matthew Bolton

Jodi Green

Jodi Green is a printmaker, bookbinder, and art educator and the proprietor of Levigator Press.

Theresa Tremblay

Thomas Provost

Thomasviorm ThomasviormZG

Tida Kheav

Tina Rouhandeh

Taisa Petruk

Mary Ann Max

Toni Wells

After studying Fine Arts at the University of Windsor and working 40 years in an unrelated field, I am now pursuing my dream of working as a professional artist. My vision is to create unique images that are full of colour and light; to uplift and inspire others to see the beauty in all that this world has to offer.

Troy Ramos


Gemal Seede has a passion for writing/producing value-rich stories in several genres including animation, sci-fi, fantasy adventure, and romantic comedy. In 2005 Seede wrote and executive produced a 30-minute science fiction film titled “Alliance” that earned several festival awards including Best Picture, Audience Choice, and Best Sci-fi. . In 2013, he authored and published the first of three titles in a children’s picture book series entitled “Chug and Thug”. The third book “Chug and Thug’s Scary Movie” is planned for a 2020 release. Seede lives in LaSalle Ontario • Chug and Thug: • IMDB: • Alliance Trailer: • LinkedIn:

Upasana Jain

Self taught visual artist. Certified Zentangle teacher. Work with mixed media. Love to work on collaborated art forms. Love to teach kids and adults my mixed methodology of colours and various mediums.

University Players

University Players is the production arm of the School of Dramatic Art, University of Windsor, producing six professional-calibre plays annually. It is a training ground for young theatre artists as young actors, designers, teachers, directors, technicians, and stage managers as they prepare to embark on careers in theatre. University Players is where our community gets to see future stars begin to shine.

Vasilica Dumitriu

Vasiliycef VasiliycefEA

Vera Graham

Vera Graham obtained her science degree at the U of Windsor but most of her life was spent in Calgary, AB learning about art. She read to understand the various art movements, the history of artists and studied their works to learn their techniques and what set their work apart from others. For fourteen years she worked along side her mentor, Tzak, a prolific and skilled portrait painter. Together they worked from live models which served to increase her confidence and concentration. Entering her 30th year of study using acrylic paints to tell her story, she has shifted her interest to painting outdoors so she can capture the true beauty of her natural surroundings, which once again is Essex County. Some people watch, some people chat and others find their way into her stories of contoured shapes, somber colours and moody emotion. Telling painted stories brings her a calm and inner peace.

Vienne Seto

Vienne Seto is a designer whose interests include typography, illustration, printmaking, painting, and photography. She grew up in Windsor and graduated from Walkerville Centre for the Creative Arts. Vienne currently attends Conestoga College in the Bachelor of Design program in Kitchener, Ontario.

Vince Allen Kogut

Vitalyycef VitalyycefVW


There are already great services in Windsor-Essex for trans people, but it’s impossible for any one person to know which services are right for our community, and Trans people are rejected over and over and over by people they turn to for help. As an agency of the Trans community, W.E. Trans Support refers people and services and service providers other Trans people already trust.

Walkerville Artists Collective Walkerville Artists Collective

WAC is a not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to support, promote, and engage local artists and artisans. We do so by providing space, mentorship, and promotion of our members through various means such as special events and shows, social media, just to name a few. We fully engage in community events (Open Streets, art walks, etc.). Our membership is comprised of established and new and upcoming artists working various media including paintings in oil, acrylic, and watercolour, art glass, jewelry, pottery, fabric arts, wood carvings and so much more.

Samantha Waters

include in my website

Wayne Tousignant

Kevin Lock

Windsor Community Choir

Our Choir was founded in 1974. We are affiliated with the University of Windsor and we perform a combination of sacred and contemporary works. We are a non-denominational, non auditioning choir from all around Windsor and Essex county.

Windsor Printmaker's Forum

Windsor Printmaker’s Forum, founded by local artists in 1987, has established a working space for area artists to create and produce their own original, limited edition prints. As a non-profit arts organization and an artist-run production center, we offer facilities in lithography, intaglio, relief, silkscreen and letterpress printing, giving area artists/printmakers a place to continue their creative development in the fine arts printmaking medium. Windsor Printmaker’s Forum wants to encourage technical and artistic excellence in printmaking by providing the best possible equipment and instruction, and by maintaining professional standards of production, documentation and presentation of prints.

Windsor & Region Dance Ward

Windsor & Region Dance is a service organization with a mission to develop sustainable capacity for dance audience and participants through its commitment to various marketing and promotional initiatives.

Pracheta Ahana Alam

Mark Worsley

I have been involved with the Windsor-Essex Theatre community for over a decade. I have taken on various roles in my involvement - Acting, Singing, Set Design/Build, Stage Tech. I'm looking to the future in which the Windsor Essex Arts community holds a reputation in places other than the home we know and love. With specific reference to the Theatre Community I'm so proud of - it takes a lot to put on a show and have it be well attended. Windsor has a reputation as a lunchbucket town, with little culture. With the appropriate drive and support this can change, and I want to be on the driving side of that change.

Xavier Vance

Family name

Focusing on design services and design research, including book design, branding, visual identity, packaging design, printed matters, experimental art design, and design education. Also teaching art and design courses at a college in China. Now I am a student of Master of education in University of Windsor.

Xueyue Tu

Yanxi Liu

Yiru Chen

Yvonne Arnowitz

Zoe Crosby