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Calling all justice fighters, truth seekers and anarchists… We are a collective called Red Jay and describe ourselves...

Calling all justice fighters, truth seekers and anarchists… We are a collective called Red Jay and describe ourselves as Injust-Artists. We recreate videos of real life wrongdoings and combine them with art installation pieces.

We are looking to partner with an artist to help create the installation piece to accompany our next video, which we will be filming in early 2020. The piece focuses on the current impeachment in The White House and will be displayed in Washington DC later this year.

The piece in question will be comprised of a large model that will be housed on a flatbed truck… Think a float at Burning Man Festival, with the video being shown amidst the installation itself. We have the vision of what it will be but how it is executed will be down to you, the newest addition to the collective and you will be given a lot of creative freedom here.

We would like to make it clear that this is a collaboration and not a paid job, but nor is there any money in it for us. What we can offer though is to provide the resources for you to fulfill your vision and course all travel expenses will be accounted for as well. If our work one day led to certain forms of profit then as part of the collective you would of course be compensated and as one of the earlier members, most likely better compensated.

In addition this will form part of a documentary and will give you the chance for further exposure in addition to the exposure gained from the installation piece itself. Really though this is about wanting to work on art that serves as a reminder for justice and then let’s see where it goes from there.

What we as a collective can offer is an exhilarating experience that treads the line of danger and breaking the rules. A journey that will lead us all over the world, starting out in North America, but ultimately to Europe, Asia and wherever there have been injustices that need highlighting. First stop though is Washington DC, where we will roll up later this year to try and do our bit to ensure this facilitator of great division doesn’t get another term.

We originally shot the first two videos last year, with each video growing bigger in terms of production value and ambition, which is something we will continue strive for. Now though we have relocated to Toronto and want to form a collective that continues to operate for many years to come. There will always be injustices and therefore always be a need for them to be highlighted and heard.

If you are interested please get in touch at with a little about yourself and any previous work you might have done and let’s see if there is a good fit.