South Windsor School of Music is looking for individuals/groups to facilitate 1 hr workshops for our NEW online social...

South Windsor School of Music is looking for individuals/groups to facilitate 1 hr workshops for our NEW online social group program for kids, Thru the Roof! Summer Music Club, hosted on Zoom.

We are accepting proposals for 1 hr drop-in sessions for children aged 6-16 that respond to our school’s mission statement and are in line with the project’s description (below). Proposed workshops should be drop-in format, not requiring additional materials for the participants from their homes, should focus on interactivity and socialization, get our students learning, moving, and thinking about music and art, and engaging in a creative process together with the Instructor.

Thru The Roof! Summer Music Club Project Description

July & August 2020
Mondays – Thursdays
1 hr / day

40+ hrs / month of LIVE unique & interactive virtual group programs for children, led by a rotation of our qualified Music Instructors and international Guest Artists.

Music Mondays: Focused on showcasing, performing, watching & making music together. We’ll move beyond the Zoomiverse onto other online and social media platforms. Featuring student performances, Instructor & Guest Artist performances with Q&A, musical challenges that get the whole family involved, karaoke fun, music-themed trivia & family talent shows.

Travel Tuesdays: Educational and interactive activities to stimulate the mind & body. Transport on a small trip through time & space with rotating Instructors. Activities will be related to moving and being active, world music, music & art history, space and place, with a focus on interactivity, culture and community connections.

Workshop Wednesdays: Specialized workshops covering a wide range of skill sets in the performing arts through Zoom. We’re providing introductory workshops on music and marketing, DJing, instrument masterclasses, string changing, instrument tuning, creating a home studio, etc.

Crafty Thursdays: Open Craft. A laidback hangout space for thinking outside the box, chatting and making things. Watch as the Instructor creates, show the group what you’re working on & work together on your separate crafty projects through Zoom. Students will be encouraged to use found materials from home. There will be some singing and at least one gift exchange!

View our programming schedule for June 2020 for proposal ideas and past program examples.

Fees negotiable. Please email school Director Michelle Soulliere with subject ‘Thru The Roof Proposal’ by 5pm on June 17th 2020 with your cv, bio & a 100-250 word workshop description & fee expectation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Image Credit: Skye Studios