Gallery Rental Info Sheet
Important information for your gallery reservation. Thank you for booking The ArtSpeak Gallery! We look forward to hosting...

Important information for your gallery reservation.

Thank you for booking The ArtSpeak Gallery!

We look forward to hosting you. Below you will find some additional information regarding your booking and the next steps.

Located at 1942 Wyandotte St E in Windsor the Artspeak Gallery has been a feature of the Walkerville area for over 20 years. Artspeak Gallery is a non-juried rental space for all artists to exhibit their work, host poetry readings, lectures, concerts, film screenings and more. The Artspeak Gallery is organized and managed by the Arts Council Windsor and Region (ACWR).

Gallery Dimensions

Key/ Space Deposit & Exchange

The week leading up to your booking, the Outreach Coordinator will arrange a time with you to do a gallery tour and a key exchange. When arriving, please bring your $100 key deposit with you.

The deposit can be in the form of a cheque, cash or e-transfer.

The work week after your booking is completed, the Outreach Coordinator will arrange a time for you to return the key and at that time you will be given back the deposit granted the space is in the same condition you received it in.


Please send any promotional materials (posters, graphics, description etc.) to the Outreach Coordinator at Your exhibition information will be posted to the ACWR website and will be included in the ArtsNotes Newsletter the week of your booking.

Looking to promote your exhibition/event online? Below are social media specs for the ACWR Website.

Reception & Gallery Hours

Once your booking begins, the gallery space is now yours. Please inform the ACWR staff of the times/dates you will be in the gallery and if/ when you will be hosting a reception.
Reminder: ACWR programming, which includes meetings, events and workshops, will continue during the term of the booking. ACWR programming will not alter the exhibition unless previously discussed with the artist. There is no public access to the gallery during the time private workshops and/or meetings take place.

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 1-5pm

Wednesday: 1-7pm

Thursday: 1-5pm

Friday: 1-5pm


Renters are permitted only to use finishing nails in the walls. Screws or alternative hanging hardware/structures must be discussed with gallery personnel prior to installation. No tape, or adhesive of any kind will be permitted on the gallery walls. The ACWR will provide sticky-tack for the Licensee’s use on the supply shelf in the basement.

Please use the supplies for patching and painting the Gallery found in the ACWR basement. Hand tools, ladder, plinths and the fridge are all available for the Licensee’s use in the basement. You may also use the two Gallery window display areas for the duration of the rental period.

Rental begins on a Sunday at 1:00 PM and ends at 11:00 AM the following week. All walls must be patched, painted and dried by 11:00 AM at the end of the booking period.


Contact the Outreach Coordinator at