Expressive Arts Therapy Training Program, Fall 2021
EXPRESSIVE ARTS THERAPY TRAINING PROGRAM The Create Institute offers a three-year training program in Expressive Arts Therapy. The...

The Create Institute offers a three-year training program in Expressive Arts Therapy. The program is designed to immerse students in an intensive, arts-based educational process that is beneficial for their professional development as expressive arts therapists, as well as for their personal and creative growth. The curriculum includes experiential, practical and theoretical training both in class and as offered through a variety of practicum placement sites.

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The Create Institute is a registered private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act 2005


ONLINE Professional and Personal Development Courses: March-April 2021

Expressive Arts can expand and enhance your work with individuals, groups and communities.

This 8-week Foundations of Expressive Arts course is designed to help professionals expand their working skills to include the principles and practice of expressive arts.

The course will teach the basic principles and practice drawn from the core literature in the field of intermodal expressive arts as used in therapy, coaching, education and social change. The instructor is responsible for teaching the basic concepts while 2 guest artists will present specific artistic modalities, for example, voice, music, dance/movement, writing, theatre and visual art. Because The Create Institute emphasizes experiential learning, you will be encouraged to explore how different dimensions of artistic action can connect to your professional work and to your own art practice. Deadline to register February 25 (register before Feb.15 and receive a $100 discount)

THE CREATE CLINIC Low Cost Expressive Arts Therapy

Now offering sessions on-line or by phone

The Create Clinic provides accessible and affordable expressive arts therapy to children, youth, adults, couples and families from diverse backgrounds. It serves people with a wide range of needs in the wider Toronto area. Senior level student therapists who work with clients are supervised by experienced and qualified faculty members who are in good standing with the College of Registered Psychotherapists and/or other professional Colleges. The student therapy clinic operates from the core principles and theory of expressive arts therapy taught at The Create Institute, which includes using play and imagination to support one’s life struggles. Through visual art, movement, music, theatre, poetry and story telling new possibilities emerge and clients gain awareness of how their resources allow them to overcome obstacles. Art making in relationship is at the heart of our approach to therapy.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment or getting more information about the clinic, please leave us a confidential message at the following address and we will get back to you promptly: or call (416) 539-9728.


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