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Victoria D’Anna Celebrates Late Bloomers In Debut Children’s Book

April 29, 2021

The Flower That Wouldn’t Grow is Released as New Authors First Publication

Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Ltd. Take on new Canadian Author Victoria D’Anna for the release of her debut children’s book The Flower That Wouldn’t Grow. The book is set to launch April 29th 2021, but has already generated some buzz through preorder sales. It will be available for purchase on online platforms such as Amazon and in store at major retailers.

Victoria D’Anna is a graduate of the University of Windsor where she studied Visual Arts and English Literature. As an Artist and Writer she utilized her creative skills to write and illustrate her children’s picture book. Her debut book showcases a minimalist aesthetic with a strong moral message that is prevalent throughout the book.


The Flower That Wouldn’t Grow unpacks the pace of personal growth and the importance of having patience in every stage of life. The target audience for this book is young to older children (ages 0-12). Through the imagery and symbolism of flowers Victoria acknowledges the beauty of growing at your own pace.

In a society that is relying more and more on social media, it is creating new attitudinal barriers such as unrealistic beauty standards that are impacting children at younger ages than ever before.

There is a need in the market of Children’s Literature for books that support having patience for physical and emotional personal growth. The Flower That Wouldn’t Grow fills this need and is a positive read for all children no matter what stage of growth they are facing.

 About The Book:

Available April 29th 2021

$9.99 CAD

ISBN: 9781838751333

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Age Group: 0-5 and 6-12

“Lily feels like a weed in a garden full of flowers. She has no petals, just a little green sprout right on the top of her head. The other flowers tease Lily for being a late bloomer. Worried she will never grow, Lily leaves the garden in search of the perfect place to be planted. But Lily soon realizes that dirt isn’t always richer in someone else’s garden.”

How to Purchase: Amazon, (GBP pricing – $6.99 plus shipping) Look out for it to be available in local bookshops soon!

Socials: @victoriaannedanna @vittoriaanneart (Instagram), Inquires: – GIVEAWAY coming soon!

ON Canada