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The Pelee Island Stone & Sky Music & Arts Series

September 1 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Cost: $25

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Sunday, September 1st: Marshall Drägun & Zhaoyi Cai, Andrea Slavik

Marshall Drägun & Zhaoyi Cai:

Destinature is a contemplative manifestation of sonic aural being conceived and brought forth into existence through the collective hearts and minds of Zhaoyi Cai and Marshall Drägun. Paying homage to earthly and intergalactic elements that weave the very fabric of existence; creating the vibrational conditions that hold space and temporal form to life itself; flora, fauna and an array of cosmic agents. The project is traveling journey spanning across generations, regions, and solar systems leading to an eternally unraveling state of Now; A destined path that no matter which road is chosen, a conglomeration of possibilities will always lead us to our present moment in the natural world. These are the very pathways that brought us here. An ancestral language of peoples and places; of existence and non-existence. A blossoming improvisational force that bridges past, present and future together in a symphony of morphing totality.

Andrea Slavik – As an interdisciplinary artist and educator, Slavik seeks to challenge popular ideological practices and forms of representation active in the Western culture. They hold an MA in Visual and Critical Studies from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and have exhibited in North America and Europe. Current works in progress include a photo, sound and video project, where analogous sentiments present in Italian Futurism and Canadian petro-masculinity are highlighted and juxtaposed.

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The Quarry on Pelee Island

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