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Mission Improbable: March Break Art Camp at the AGW
March 19, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
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Psst…hey you! Yes, you! Quick, we need your help! Here’s the deal: We’ve got a situation on our hands. Every year, there’s a worldwide creative competition where talented creatives face off in a battle of skills and, most importantly, the coveted title of Grand Master of the Arts. We were all set to enter, but our best artist is suddenly nowhere to be found! That’s why we’ve recruited you: a team of the best and brightest creatives that we could assemble. Will you leap all five creative hurdles and come away with the win as the Grand Masters of the Arts? We’re rooting for you!

Monday, March 15 – Friday, March 19 , 10 am – 2 pm
Ages: 7-12
Cost: $80/member, $100/non-members, 5 days
Morning Session: 10am-11am, daily
Afternoon Session: 12pm-1pm, daily

REGISTER HERE before February 28, 2021:
Important Note: The camp is subject to minimum registrations by February 28, 2021. If there are fewer than 10 registrants, those registered will be notified and will receive a full refund.

Day 1: Basic Training
Materials: Sketchbook/paper, pencil, colourful construction paper/scrap paper, scissors, glue
Alright, team, it’s day 1! Up and at ‘em! We need you to be sharp if you’re going to take home that Grand Master title! Not to worry: we aren’t going to toss you in unprepared! Every Grand Master of the Arts started with the basics: learning how to look at – and understand – a work of art. Only the true master artists can see every speck of detail that lies within the artwork, and discover that artworks are not always as they appear… Today, we’ll be learning two lessons of utmost importance to every Grand Master: Elements of Art and Principles of Design. Once you have these lessons under your belt, you’ll be able to spot all of the mysteries that lie within abstract works of art – mysteries that ordinary humans cannot see.

Day 2: Stop, drop, and roll…a Picasso
Materials: Sketchbook or paper, colour pencils or markers, scissors, glue, long string or yarn
Congratulations! You have made it through basic training. Now, the real excitement begins. Every team of artists who have been named Grand Masters of the Arts have demonstrated the keenest of eyes, the sharpest of wits, and the grandest of imaginations. On day 2, YOU will have the chance to sharpen your own storytelling skills as you use unconventional materials to recreate the hidden tales behind some of the gallery’s greatest paintings, large-scale photographs, drawings, and prints. By focusing on line, shape and form, colour, texture, repetition and variety, you will harness the power to unlock the stories of even the most mysterious of artistic works. What surprising stories will you discover?

Day 3: Picture Precision
Materials: Sketchbook or paper, colour pencils/markers, oil pastels/watercolours (optional)
Team, it is day 3, and we are halfway to the crowning of the Grand Masters of the Arts. Can you feel the excitement? We certainly can! On day 3 of our mission, we will be exploring works created by an intrepid team of artists who won the very first Grand Masters title back in 1931: The Group of Seven. You will have the chance to explore the gallery’s vast and imaginative landscapes, and discover how The Group of Seven used their special skills to create artworks that shaped our vision of Canada to this very day. Now, it is your turn to take on this grand trial. Use your finely-tuned artistic abilities to create your own 3D landscape and Group of Seven-inspired masterpiece, and step one foot closer to the honour of Grand Master!

Day 4: Master of Shapes
Materials: Sketchbook/paper, colour pencils, construction paper, glue, scissors, ruler
Today is day 4, and while we are closer than ever to the Grand Master title, a tall trial still stands in our midst. You guessed it: MATH. That’s right, team, the true Grand Masters have the power to use the arts to crack the codes of many a subject, mathematics included. But have no fear: when we combine mathematics with the power of the arts, a whole new realm of wonder is revealed! Using your problem solving skills, you will build repeating patterns, uncover secret messages, unlock coded compositions, reveal hidden symbols in masterpieces from our collection…and step one foot closer to the title!

Day 5: You’re a natural!
Materials: Sketchbook or paper, pencil, markers, natural materials (leaves, flowers, sticks)
Today is the day! Upon completion of Mission Improbable day 5, you will discover whether you and your team have clinched the coveted Grand Master title. We believe in you! For the last day of our special mission, we will learn about trailblazing Indigenous artists that have strengthened our awareness of Indigenous history, culture, and peoples through storytelling, language, and art. Discover the artistic traditions of these accomplished artists who called these lands home long before this country became Canada. Will we accomplish our mission? Will our team take home the title of Grand Masters of the Arts? Join us to find out!

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Art Gallery of Windsor ⋅ 519-977-0013 ⋅

March 19, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
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