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November 2, 2022 @ 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm

WIFF is back, and students and alumni from the Communication, Media and Film (CMF) department at the University of Windsor are featured heavily in this year’s short films line-up. It’s hard enough to get one film into WIFF, but current double-major in CMF and Drama, Elissa Weir double-downed with her talents.

“My two short films are called Chivalric Values and Sapphic Dating for Rural Victorians and they will both be featured in the 2022 WIFF Local Shorts #2 on November 2nd  at 8:30pm. This will be a premiere for both short films that I worked on last year for film classes under Prof. Mike Stasko. Most of the cast and the entirety of the crew for both films were University of Windsor students!” – Elissa Weir

About Elissa’s Films:
Chivalric Values is about a medieval knight uses a dating app to find true love in the modern world and it doesn’t go as easy as she had hoped! It is a comedy film first and foremost, but also features some of my personal worries about not knowing social etiquette, especially when it comes to technology and love.” – Elissa Weir

Sapphic Dating for Rural Victorians is about Violet, a queer woman living in Victoria B.C., wants to ask her crush, Saph, out on a date, but Voce, the anthropomorphized voice in her head, keeps feeding her facts that deplete her confidence. So stuck in her own head, Violet misses Saph’s attempts to reach out and return Violet’s affections. This film was originally a stage play that I adapted for screen while keeping the stage play elements, such as breaking the 4th wall to talk to the audience, and having a flat background and minimal props.” – Elissa Weir

Praise from Elissa’s Professors:
“Elissa’s creativity is such a wonderful extension of her natural curiosity. I’ve gotten to know her as a disciplined dreamer who has the courage to take risks. I always look forward to our weekly meetings to discuss her independent research project exploring and comparing the use of anachronisms in film costuming.” – Esther Van Eek, Drama Professor

“I can’t think of another student who has grown more as filmmaker during her time at CMF. I feel really rewarded as a professor when I see that the program has worked and turned a talented woman like Elissa into an up-and coming professional. I know Elissa still has her sights set on graduate school, and I can’t wait to follow her career and continued success.” – Mike Stasko, CMF & SoCA Professor


WIFF Local Shorts #1 (Thursday, October 27)
Late Bloomer by Nathan Bergs
Date-saster by John Strahl

WIFF Local Shorts #2 (Wednesday, November 2)
Chivalric Values by Elissa Weir
Sapphic Dating for Rural Victorians by Elissa Weir
Purity by Carolina DiGrado
Continuum by Calum Hotchkiss
From Napoli With Love by Luca Cunial
Big Little Show by Gemma Ev
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November 2, 2022 @ 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm

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