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CJAM 99.1 FM’s Higher Ground Music and Arts Festival

July 28, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - July 30, 2023 @ 12:00 am

Cost: $20-50

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CJAM 99.1 FM is excited to announce that we will be putting on our first music festival since the 1980s: Higher Ground Music and Arts Festival held in downtown Windsor on July 28th to July 30th. The concerts will be held at the following locations: Phog Lounge, Meteor, and Craft Heads Brewing Company.

Single day and three day passes are available at

Headlining the festival is the critically acclaimed Daniel Romano’s Outfit. In addition the Outfit, the lineup is comprised of independent Windsor and Detroit artists including: Big City Germs, Datsunn, Decliner, Kitty and the Kupids, Munch, Olinda, Problematic Black Hottie, Roye Trout, Tea Leaves, Blial Nasser with Simon Farintosh and Modern Mason, Brendan Scott Friel, Dretraxx, Lady Vibrator, Psy-Chick, Sam Abt, The Strains, Willowbrook, Aleks Stoykosky, Batoolio, Bog Moss, Castores, Dead Dog, Dr. Jekyll, Mark Zayat, Odessa, Radio Drill Time, Ross Williams, The Tragedies, Trophy Knife and DJ Vodka Soda.

Additional activities will be held at Artcite which will be open to the public, free and all ages.

Speaker Series – Higher Ground Music and Arts Festival – Live at Artcite

Saturday, July 29th, 2023

3:30 pm – Olivia Patricia (CJAM’s Take A Hike) interviewing Brendan Scott Friel.

4:30 pm – Sara Hillis (CJAM’s Dinner With Miles) interviewing Crissi Cochrane.

5:30 pm – Olivier Sauvé (CJAM Interviews) interviewing Stephen Mueller, Programming Coordinator of Artcite about See/Saw film series.

6:30 pm – Sarika Sharma (CJAM Volunteer) interviewing Murad Erzinclioglu (CJAM’s Productive Confusion) on Bringing The Noise (advice to emerging musicians on promoting themselves for campus community airplay).

Sunday, July 30th, 2023

3:30 pm – Talysha Bujold-Abu (Artcite, CJAM) interviewing Teajai Travis, Executive Director of Artcite.

4:30 pm – Garth Jackson (Troublelight Films) interviews Dave Konstantino (CJAM’s Revolution Rock) about CJAM Live Sessions.

5:30 pm – Weadee Mombo and Weajue Mombo (CJAM’s Absent Sounds) interviews Datsunn.

Thank you to our sponsors: the University of Windsor’s Graduate Student Society and The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association.

For questions, please reach out to: Lix at or Walter at

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