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1-Hour Classes : Film Camp for Kids & Youth
May 11, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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1-Hour Classes

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Film Camp for Kids & Youth is proud to offer 1-hour online remote classes to children ages 10-15 who are interested in learning more about film, photography, writing, and more. Our program is on Zoom and offers children and teens an opportunity to learn new skills. Check out the upcoming schedule of classes below!

DATE: Classes are spread out throughout the month and offered on different days of the week to accommodate busy schedules.

COST: $10 per Class

May 2022 Classes

Acting for Beginners – Wednesday, May 11 at 5pm | Learn the basics of acting for film, and how this differs from acting for the stage. Explore how body language, facial expressions, and tone are used to convey meaning.

Intro to Photoshop – Saturday, May 14 at 2pm | Discover how to use Adobe Photoshop. In a visual presentation, our instructor goes through the different tools within photoshop and applies them to an image to showcase how tools are used to manipulate an image.

Intro to Film Editing – Sunday, May 15 at 2pm | Learn to tell your story. With specific cuts, colouring, and audio, the moods and emotions within a story are brought out to influence the viewer. In this class, students will learn the basics of editing on Adobe Premiere to better convey a story.

Advanced Acting – Wednesday, May 18 at 5pm | Expand your acting, as a follow-up to our Acting for Beginners, Advanced Acting goes into more details on how to act for the screen. Students also learn a variety of techniques they can practice at home to better improve their acting skills.

Lighting Basics – Friday, May 20 at 5pm | Flick the switch in our Lighting Basics Class. Lighting is used to frame a scene, showcase emotions, and convey certain themes. In this class, students learn how lighting affects film and techniques for how to light their own movies.

The Basics of Screenwriting – Saturday, May 21 at 2pm | Start your film with the right story. In this class, students learn the basics of coming up with a script for short films and explain how to format a film script using Celtx.

Jobs in Filmmaking (Ages 13-17) – Tuesday, May 24 at 5pm | Get a head start on working in film. DIT? Producer? Continuity expert? There are many jobs in the filmmaking industry! In this class, our instructor explains the roles of certain jobs for film and the experience you need to get them!

Cinematography 101 – Wednesday, May 25 at 5pm | Control the audience’s emotions by learning cinematography. This class goes over the importance of it and how aspects of cinematography are used to convey emotions. Students also learn the basics of a DSLR camera and how it can affect their visuals.

Claymation – Thursday, May 26 at 5pm | Claymation is a form of stop motion animation where animators create the characters using clay. In this class, students learn about Claymation and how making a claymation works!

Photo Composition – Friday, May 27 at 5pm | Take better photos by learning Photo Composition. There is much more to composing an image than just taking a photo. In this course, students learn the different types of shots, the rule of thirds, and how to use these methods to take better photos.

How to Make a Movie Using Your Cellphone – Saturday, May 28 at 2pm | Who said you need a fancy camera to make a movie? Today, people can easily film and edit a movie on their own device! In this class, students learn how to film their movies on a digital device and how to edit them using iMovie and other editing software.

Photo Editing – Sunday, May 29 at 2pm | Don’t worry about getting the perfect shot, learn to edit it better! In this class, students learn how to edit their images using Adobe Lightroom, where they can edit the cropping, colour, focus, and retouch of an image to better emphasize its look.

Payment Options

Mail and E-TRANSFERS are the preferred methods of payment.

1) Interac/eTransfer –

2) Mail – Film Camp for Kids & Youth, Treasurer, c/o 150 Randolph Place, Windsor, ON N9B 2T3. Make cheques payable to FILM CAMP FOR KIDS.

Refunds can be made available with a one-week notice. Credit towards a future class can be offered where there is no notice.

Do not hesitate to email us at for more information.

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May 11, 2022 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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