Designers: Gardiner Museum

GardinerGardiner Museum, Toronto
Deadline: October 15

Seeking letters of interest and sample portfolios from designers interested in working in collaboration with the museum’s Curatorial and Marketing teams to develop innovative approaches to exhibition and publication design, marketing, and communications.

Evaluation criteria will include the following:

  • Perceived fit with and understanding of the Gardiner Museum
  • Quality, compatibility of designer
  • Previous experience with cultural organizations, artists, and institutions
  • Quality and relevance of references
  • Demonstrated positive results
  • Willingness to work within the Gardiner’s capacity and resources

Please include the following in your letter of interest:

  • Overview of organization and/or principal designers history and experience
  • Key areas of focus of your work
  • Indication of which scopes of work interest you, with three examples of relevant part projects or sample portfolios
  • A brief overview of your involvement in similar projects
  • Identification of key individuals that would be responsible for carrying out the work for the Gardiner Museum, including their relevant qualifications and experience, links to examples of their past work, and the role they will play on your team
  • Indicate any past experience that your organization has had in dealing with the Gardiner Museum, if any
  • Description of past experience with other arts organizations, centres of culture, and/or artists
  • Please provide three references from previous clients that we can contact
  • Letters of Interest should be limited to five pages.

Gardiner Museum
111 Queen’s Park
Toronto, Ontario
M5S 2C7