Call for Submissions: Winter Light Exhibition 2020
Ontario Place is seeking the imagination and creativity of Ontarian artists or collectives to submit a proposal for...

Ontario Place is seeking the imagination and creativity of Ontarian artists or collectives to submit a proposal for the 2020 Winter Light Exhibition which takes place on the 15-acre West Island. Winter Light invites submissions from Ontario artists or collectives to create site-specific light projects with an interactive component that meet the curatorial theme Cocoon / to Cocoon. Projects must present a unique and engaging interpretation of the curatorial theme ‘Cocoon’ and focus on utilizing both light and user engagement to encourage, stimulate or motivate audience interaction. With a mandate to exhibit great art in a public space and use it as a catalyst for visitor interaction and engagement.

The curatorial theme is Cocoon / to Cocoon. From a practical application in technology to biological transformations in life, to ‘Cocoon’ is a term and application that takes its meaning from those that employ it. The act of Cocooning oneself is to establish a state of being in which one can create a singular and unique world through the act of isolation and regeneration. Some may create cocoons that are inclusive, engaging and vast, while others choose a more protective and sheltered space to enclose themselves. In each case, it is all encompassing and requires equal participation between the individual and the ‘Cocoon’. Applicants are challenged to interpret the concept of being ‘Cocooned’ within the exhibit and the exhibition itself.

Evaluations will be made based on artistic merit in line with the curatorial theme, size + footprint of the exhibit, the use of light and interactivity, and the viability of the exhibit to succeed outdoors in the winter elements.

The Winter Light Exhibition is in its third year. Check out videos from our first and second year.

Ontario Place is currently accepting submissions for the Winter Light Exhibition. Project timelines are as follows:

  • Site Tours: Applicants are encouraged to visit Ontario Place. To schedule your visit, contact
  • Submission Due Date: November 27, 2019 at midnight EST
  • Exhibition Dates: February 2020 – March 2020

For more info and to submit your project: