Call for Submissions: Hoarding Artwork – Digital Mural for the Exterior of a Construction Site in Vaughan
The Daniels Corporation (Daniels), invites artists or artist teams to submit proposals in consideration for a public art...

The Daniels Corporation (Daniels), invites artists or artist teams to submit proposals in consideration for a public art installation to be displayed around the perimeter of a construction site in Thornhill. The submission process will involve consulting with staff members from Daniels on the design of the work to arrive at a final concept.

There are three stages to the proposal process (outlined below).

For Daniels and project partners, each new home community is a work of art. From conception through to completion, every Daniels-built community is designed to enhance its surroundings, the community and to make a statement about its unique character.

The proposed art installation project includes a digitally rendered mural to be applied to construction hoarding at the Thornhill master-planned community in Vaughan. The hoarding, surrounding an upcoming high-rise project, will be located at the corner of Bathurst Street and Beverley Glen Blvd. The proposed mural will have exposure on both streets. One artist (or artist team) will be chosen for the project.

Hoarding Art Size:
The mural will be beneath promotional information about the associated project. The artwork portion of the hoarding will be approximately:
Bathurst Street: 333ft long
Square Footage of Bathurst: 333×8=2664 sq. Ft

Beverley Glen Blvd.: 255.5ft long
Square Footage of Beverley Glen: 255.5×8=2044 sq. ft

Total = 4,708sq.ft.

Art Guidelines:
The desired concept for the mural would include the following themes:

  • connected urban living, community oriented with natural elements, graphic motifs; and/or
  • feature Thornhill as Vaughan’s oldest settlement, an urban neighbourhood with a rich agricultural heritage and authentic artisan culture:
    • warm and malty hues tied to Thornhill’s agricultural heritage, and/or
    • artisan culture inspired by nature with earthy tones

Please see images for reference, showing the preferred colour palette (neutral pastels):



The selected artist or artist team will be required to provide the final approved file in the following format (note this is not required for the proposal, but Artist must ultimately be able to supply Artwork, if selected, as per below):

  • Depending on what program the designer uses, send the working file (.ai, .pad / etc.)
  • a CMYK PDF
  • Prepare artwork 1/10th of the size at 300 DPI
  • Bleeds: 0.125 inches

As the Artwork will be a large file, the selected Artist will use a transfer vehicle that allows the sharing of large files. The Artist will provide the completed Artwork design in digital form within one week of contract award for approval, and subsequently provide the full, high resolution file upon approval.

Daniels’ marketing agency will be responsible for colour proofing and installation of hoarding, and will endeavour to maintain original colour as closely as possible within the limitations of the print process. Files will be converted to CMYK for printing purposes on outdoor vinyl.

We encourage submissions that allow for foot traffic engagement and include interactive components within the art using artistic elements that would compel foot traffic to stop and connect with the art.

Stage 1 – Request for Proposals
After the proposals have been received, Daniels will assess proposals and shortlist artists or artist teams to proceed to the second stage of the process.

Stage 2 – Selection Process
Shortlisted artists will be contacted and consult with representatives from Daniels to further discuss their design for the artwork.

Stage 3 – Award and Production
The winning proposal will be selected and awarded. Selected artist to complete and submit the final design within one week of the project award, for review and approval by the review committee, and subsequently provide high-resolution, final version as per requirements upon approval. Production and installation of the artwork, to be completed by Daniels and its marketing agency, will commence shortly after.

Proposal Deadline – Sunday, August 16, 2020 at 11:59 pm
Contract Award – Monday, August 31, 2020
Final Design Due for Approval – Monday, September 7, 2020 at 11:59 pm
Mural to be completed and installed by Daniels and marketing agency → by end of September 2020 (Estimated)


  1. A curriculum vita, resume or biography of the artist(s). the CV must include your full contact information and any other supporting material you would like to include (web links, reviews, catalogues, etc.).
  2. An artist statement outlining experience in public art and indicating any connection to the Vaughan/Thornhill community (1-page maximum).
  3. Three reference images of artwork examples with a list of all the images submitted that includes the following information for each work: title, medium, dimensions, year of completion, references.
  4. Proposal:
    1. Proposal is to include images and a detailed description of the proposed art installation/ideas of the theme. The entire work does not need to be illustrated at the proposal stage, however the final design must be completed within one week of the project award.
    2. Proposal must include a proposed budget with breakdown of costs. Please include the cost of reproduction of the art for future permanent display at one location in the building (such as a framed print), as well as potential reproduction of artwork in printed form or on the Internet for promotional purposes (artist to be credited in such instances).
  5. Please submit proposals via email to the address noted below.

Artists with demonstrated connections to the Vaughan/Thornhill community will be given priority. Only one submission per artist or artist group for each project will be accepted.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, August 16, 2020 at 11:59PM.

Please send submissions as attachments by email only (no file transfer links to download please) to to a maximum of 10 MB total.