Call for Submissions: Galvanized Suns
Galvanized Suns: Call for net art, video art, sound art, performance art, creative or critical writing, readings, and...

Galvanized Suns: Call for net art, video art, sound art, performance art, creative or critical writing, readings, and animations

Galvanized Suns seeks artworks that re-imagine pasts, presents and futures through narratives of diaspora outside of Western hegemony. We are excited to feature works by artists, designers, performers and writers who contribute to Caribbean and Latin American diaspora culture in Canada and whose works can be optimized for online delivery.

Galvanized Suns is a three day live-stream media event organized by the curatorial collective Diasporic Futurisms in partnership with Subtle Technologies. Galvanized Suns is the first of an ongoing project exploring diverse facets of transformative practice.

Drawing from the roaring beats of rainstorms against galvanized rooves of the Caribbean and Latin American landscape, Galvanized Suns aims to gather and galvanize voices from this diaspora in Canada to critically and creatively reimagine pasts, presents, and futures beyond xenophobic, Western-centric systems of oppression.

Join us in thinking about these questions:

  • How can we engage pasts, presents and futures without relying on common tropes that perpetuate, reify and oppress?
  • What might new ways of being outside of oppressive systems look, feel, or sound like?
  • How can pervasive belief systems and power structures be challenged, dismantled, or re-conceptualized?
  • How can we build new mythologies and vocabularies to re-imagine pasts, presents and futures?

Galvanized Suns pays CARFAC fees.

Submission Guidelines:
Please apply using the provided Google form or by emailing your submissions to

Due: August 31, 2020 by 11:59pm

  • Project Statement (150 words)
  • Artist bio (50 words)
  • Website, social media, Video/Artwork Google Drive links
  • Medium
  • Duration of work (15 min maximum)
  • Files or links to video or sound works (Follow name convention: LastnameFirstname_Title.jpg)

Diasporic Futurisms (Adrienne Matheuszik and Vanessa Godden) is a curatorial collective, working to create space for artworks that challenge Western hegemony through magical realism, fantasy, science fiction, speculative fiction, folklore, and related sub-genres.

Diasporic Futurisms’ Galvanized Suns is a project of Subtle Technologies 2020 Emerging Curator Mentorship Program. Subtle Technologies is a Toronto-based platform for community-building and knowledge-sharing at the intersection of art, science and technology.


Galvanized Suns is generously supported by the Canada Council for the Arts Digital Originals Grant.