Call for Proposals: Research Fellowships, Running with Concepts: The Mediatic Edition
Image Credit: Performance presentation by Alvin Luong at Running with Concepts: The Choreographic Edition, 2016. CALL FOR PROPOSALS...

Image Credit: Performance presentation by Alvin Luong at Running with Concepts: The Choreographic Edition, 2016.

Research Fellowships, Running with Concepts: The Mediatic Edition

A virtual public program, fellowship, and experimental conference
October 2020 – January 2021
Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto Mississauga

Deadline for Proposals to Participate: September 8, 2020
Full program will be announced in late September 2020

With Guest Presenters: Emma Gilchrist, Rick Harp, Shalini Kantayya, Kite, Sean Lee, Pedro Neves Marques, Carmen Papalia, Karyn Pugliese, Tiara Roxanne, Lewis Raven Wallace, and more to be announced.

Running with Concepts: The Mediatic Edition, the sixth edition of the Blackwood’s hybrid educational event, bridges recent and ongoing Blackwood programming and publishing on spectatorship, animatic technologies, and media ecologies. Interrogating the contexts, conditions, and forces that modulate, arbitrate, and disrupt knowledge-production and political action, The Mediatic Edition unfolds as an online durational event with a concurrent fellowship program taking place across October 2020–January 2021. Participants bring expertise from emergent and established media disciplines whose methodologies can shape artistic practice: newer movements in data sovereigntydata governance, and citizen science develop models for participation and engagement; social media usersmeme-makers, and decolonial map-makers work within and against existing platforms to create counter-narratives; and critical journalists question the norms and epistemologies on which their discipline is founded. Across a durational online format, Running with Concepts: The Mediatic Edition asks: how can we intervene in and interrogate the conditions that mediate knowledge production and political action? What intersectional and cross-sectoral approaches to data and data ethics do we need now? How can artistic research engage with the interfaces and platforms that constitute our mediated environment? How can we better comprehend and work within our always-mediated conditions of spectatorship?

Foundational to the Running with Concepts model is the inclusion of practitioners from diverse fields at various levels of their careers, with mentorship, dialogue, and the workshopping of ideas built into the hybrid conference model. For the first time, this year’s virtual edition of Running with Concepts includes a paid research fellowship, geared at supporting the research practice of emerging practitioners, and providing mentorship for in-progress projects. Eight research fellows will follow the program from October 2020–January 2021. Fellows will be expected to:

  • present work once in digital form (e.g. as an online text, film screening, workshop, performance, or other virtual presentation hosted on the Blackwood Gallery’s website)
  • participate in three closed sessions with mentors (invited artists, researchers, and media-makers)
  • attend the virtual program of time-limited broadcasts and live online programs throughout duration of Running with Concepts: The Mediatic Edition
  • contribute one short post reflecting on the event to the Blackwood Gallery’s web feed

Research fellows are paid an honorarium of $1500 CAD.

Most public programs will be made available throughout a 72-hour period, enabling asynchronous viewing, access from various time zones, and closed captioning. Some sessions (e.g. workshops and performances) will be live, taking place in Eastern Standard Time.

Please see the full program schedule and Call for Proposals for more information.

For information on previous editions of Running with Concepts, please see The Empathic EditionThe Choreographic Edition and The Geologic Edition.

Proposals for Fellowships must include:

  • A 250-word description of your project or research trajectory, including the type of presentation you have in mind. We welcome a broad response to the notion of presentation (especially in consideration of online formats) which could take the shape of a talk, text-based contribution, performance-for-the-camera, film screening, workshop, demonstration, conversation, series of images, social media project, etc.
  • Include a 150-word bio and support material directly linked to proposal (for example: 3–5 minute video, 5 images, up to 2 pages of text—e.g. excerpts of a case study, score, or script)
  • Identify technical requirements for presentation on Blackwood Gallery’s website and the preferred amount of time required (5–30 minutes)

Participants from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Graduate students and emerging artists, writers, and organizers will be given priority. Proposals from local and international contributors are welcome.

Submit all materials as a single PDF to
DEADLINE: September 8, 2020

The Blackwood Gallery gratefully acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the University of Toronto Mississauga.


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