Call for Indigenous Artists: Harbour Collective Moving Image Lab at Meech Lake (Quebec)
ABOUT The Harbour Collective is an initiative formed to engage in artistic creation processes through holistic journeying that...


The Harbour Collective is an initiative formed to engage in artistic creation processes through holistic journeying that gives as much importance to the process-based artistic research, creative development and connective dialogue between artists, curators and cultural connectors, as it does to production and presentation.

The Harbour Collective seeks, via artistic path-making, to create process-based works, artistic interventions and professional programming based on a journey-shaped process that is auto-reflective and that positions at the forefront the importance of personal connections and relationships to triggering artistic growth and transformation. It considers the connection of self to community and place, and artistically examines what occurs in the liminal space between these three things.

The Lab is intended for Indigenous artists who have had some experience experimenting with the form and content of the medium, as well those who have had similar experiences with other art forms and would like to work with digital film. There will be six participants and one invited curator. Instructors are Jason Baerg, Cecilia Araneda, Howard Adler, Penny McCann and Cooper.

The LAB will unfold over five days. Participants will shoot and edit individual and/or group video in digital format. Projects will develop over the week in this process driven workshop.

As well, nightly screenings of experimental films and video art will take place in the cabin.

The Lab will include basics in artistic and creative development concepts, historical concepts to the location of Meech Lake, technical video, sound, postproduction, workflows, and moving past ideas stage and towards artistic creation.

Time is available for individual technical mentorship as needed. Resources available video, sound.

Participants are requested to bring their own gear they would normally use. Participants must bring laptops with editing software. DaVinci editing software to be loaded in computers. Participants must bring their own 1TB hard drive.

Letters of acceptance will be provided by Harbour Collective for artists to apply for travel funding.

Accommodation is provided for artists.

Artists are to make their own transportation. Arrangements will be made to be picked up at airport and train station.

Meals (Lunch & Supper)
Lunches and suppers will be provided onsite.
For breakfast and snacks, there is a kitchen available for you in the cabin, with fridge, stove, and microwave.


Due to the large number of requests for this lab we have implemented an application process. This includes submission of application form, sample of work and statement of interest. Please take careful note of each of the deadlines below:


by April 24th, 2020
Fill out the application online at

by April 30th, 2020
Meech Lake 2020 participants announced

by May 25th, 2020
Course fee deposit of $250* to confirm your position in the workshop. Deposits are used to hold your position. Your deposit will be refunded upon completion of the lab.

Harbour Collective will provide letter of acceptance for travel grant applications to your local arts councils or to the Canada Council for the Arts. Participants will be provided an honorarium of $1000 (one thousand) upon completion of the lab.


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Instagram: Harbourcollective8
Facebook: Harbour Collective

Photo credit: Cecilia Araneda