Call for Artist Members at Thirding Studio Gallery
Sara Mozafari, Thirding with Nine thousand Memories, Performance-Installation, 2020 Photo by Negar Vahedi Call for artist members: Thirding Studio...

Sara Mozafari, Thirding with Nine thousand Memories, Performance-Installation, 2020
Photo by Negar Vahedi

Call for artist members:

Thirding Studio Gallery Artist Membership offers individuals to practice and show their work in the space while building the art community in York Region. Every 24 months, we accept 18 artists to take over the space for creation and exhibition. Artists pay $75/month for this period and enjoy the many benefits offered by Thirding Studio Gallery mentioned below. It is expected from artist members to participate in committee meetings, special initiatives, and gallery administration aspects.

Submission deadline:

We start accepting applications for the 2021-2023 now. The deadline to submit the application with all the supporting documents is July 1st, 2021.

The committee will communicate their decisions in Mid July and memberships will start on August 1st.

Who we are?

Established in 2020, the Thirding Studio Gallery is an artist-run gallery based in Markham, Ontario. We acknowledge that the Thirding Studio Gallery is located on the traditional territory of the Huron Wendat, Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe. The gallery is committed to supporting local, national, and international emerging artists. It encourages work that engages critically within a wide range of contemporary discourse.

Thirding is dedicated to creating connections with the art community in Tkaronto/Toronto and seeks opportunities to interact with other cultural and industrial organizations nationally and internationally. The Thirding Studio Gallery is devoted to equity, inclusivity, and respect for all cultural differences.

We are a reflection of our diverse artist-members and support them to consider another mode of thinking about space through their practice in the interest of constant theoretical and physical transformation of the gallery space. The way of thinking in which the process of creation carries on the physical and mental spaces of the traditional dualism while stretches entirely beyond them in scope, substance, and meaning.

To learn more about Thirding please visit


Nicole Neidhardt, Stories Held in a Time Traveller’s Hogan, Installation, 2020

Benefits of artist membership

  • A 3-week solo exhibition in a 24-month period in the main gallery space.
  • No commission on the sales of artworks.
  • Use of the office/workspace throughout the year by appointment.
  • Run for a board position as well as vote at the members’ Annual and General Meetings.
  • Become jury members through a voting process.
  • Subscription to eNewsletter
  • Have an artist’s interview featured on the Thirdings Studio Gallery’s e-newsletter
  • Have their artworks displayed and promoted on the Thirdings website and social media.
  • Kept informed about Thirding events
  • Participate in Thirding’s seasonal art critique sessions and have the opportunity to interact with other artists and build a network.
  • Have a workshop at the Thirding Studio Gallery upon approval by the Jury.


Sara Mozafari, Thirdspace, Installation, 2020, Photo by Negar Vahedi

What should be included in the single PDF application?

The following documents must be joint as a single PDF and be emailed to:

Applications sent by mail or fax will be rejected.

  • Letter of Intent drawing your interest in Thirding (max 250 words)
  • Artist Statement (max 250 words)
  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • Link to the artist’s website (if applicable)
  • If you don’t have a website, you are required to provide a link to your portfolio with 5- 20 images of your work followed by an image list indicating title, year of execution, medium, and dimensions or running time.*
  • Links must be provided for Video/Performance-based works i.e. youtube, Vimeo and etc. (maximum of 3 videos are accepted)
  • It is optional for the applicants to submit extra relevant support material such as articles, reviews, catalogues, etc.

*All submitted works must be executed within the past 5 year period.


This Call is open to all professional emerging to mid-career local, national and international artists. Artists who have developed skills through training or practice, are recognized by artists working in the same artistic tradition, have a history of public presentation or publication, seek payment for their work and actively practice their art. A short break in artistic work history is acceptable.

Emerging artist: Artists in the early years of their professional careers who have a small exhibition record. And must have been practicing professionally for at least three years (meaning public presentation of work)

Mid-career artist: Artists whose professional careers have passed the early stages, who have produced a reasonable body of work and have attained a fair degree of public exposure. And must have been practicing professionally for at least 8 years (meaning public presentation of work)