The National Indigenous Media Arts Coalition (NIMAC) is seeking applicants for an upcoming residency funded by IMAA’s Digital...

The National Indigenous Media Arts Coalition (NIMAC) is seeking applicants for an upcoming residency funded by IMAA’s Digital Skill for Youth Program. The Artist-in-Residence will engage in working on digital artworks and creatively using technology to develop their practice. This will include working with mentor Meagan Byrne.

Residency begins: January 8, 2023
Residency Ends: April 8, 2023
Hour per week: 20hrs
Compensation: $25/hr

This residency is specifically for Indigenous artists who are 30 years of age or under and have completed post secondary education and who live on the lands currently called Canada. Please send a short cover letter to tell us a bit about you and why you would like to be part of the residency. In the cover letter, please include information about the Indigenous Nation you belong to along with your CV/resume

Send applications to by December 20

– Through this residency you will meet with Meagan Byrne to establish goals, learn skills and have a support system while experimenting with new work
– NIMAC’s director will meet with you monthly to discuss the administrative parts of being an artist
– You will have the opportunity to meet with two curators or artists of your choosing to get advice
– We will discuss with you your needs for equipment and/or software in the first week of the residency and will work to provide you with what you need
– We have set aside a budget for accessibility needs. This may include physical support systems you may need, translation needs, child care support, ect. If you are selected we will discuss your accessibility needs to ensure that the residency is comfortable for you
– Meagan has expertise in video games, interactive art, and interactive installation

Meagan (Me-Eh-Gan) Byrne is an Âpihtawikosisân (Fed: Métis Nation of Ontario)​ ​interactive digital media artist, game designer, writer, and philosopher. She is the founder of and lead Narrative Mechanics Designer at Achimostawinan Games (AchimoGames), an Indigenous indie game studio out of Hamilton, Ontario. Her most recent work is the Indigenous cybernoir detective game Hill Agency: PURITYdecay