Arts Vote 2018: Joey Wright
  Candidate: Joey Wright Municipality: Windsor Position: Councillor Ward: Ward 5   What opportunities do you believe Windsor-Essex...


Candidate: Joey Wright

Municipality: Windsor

Position: Councillor

Ward: Ward 5


What opportunities do you believe Windsor-Essex has to grow our art, culture and heritage sector?

There is already a wide variety of diverse arts organizations with cultural opportunity. As a community we need to support them in their efforts to grow and expand into the community and we need to support our artists trying to bring culture and excitement into our city.

How do you propose to attract or retain artists and cultural workers in your community?

Windsor spends on average $1 per person per capita on arts, culture and heritage, well below the national average. We have to find new and innovative ways to help fund events, individuals and organizations that have dedicated themselves to building their foundation here in Windsor. By allowing them to showcase their talents and skills, by giving them space to actively participate with the community and by advertising that Windsor has such amazing artists already here we can create a foundation to build up local artists like never before.

What role do you see for arts and culture in the promotion of the region both as a destination for tourists and as a place of permanent residence for youth, families, and retirees?

Windsor is bursting at the seams with talent. From musicians to actors, painter and sculptures, poets and authors our community is ready to present itself on the national stage as a cultural hub for all to see. When attracting young people to our city it is important to highlight all the events happening in our community to draw people in and showcase all the talent we have to offer.

In what other ways could you use your position as an elected official to help support the arts, culture and heritage sector outside of using municipal funding?

Not only is it important to advocate for increased funding for arts, culture and heritage, it is also important to attend and participate in events that promote them. Concerts, shows, gallery exhibits, are just a few ways that arts actively participate in our community. Something as simple as sharing an event on Facebook can have a huge impact on the turnout of an event.

What is your perspective on the best ways to collaborate with other levels of government to ensure sustainability and growth for the cultural sector of our community?

Windsor has a rich historical heritage, and we have only just begun to scratch the surface of our history. From General Brock and Chief Tecumseh to the history of automation and the first assembly line for the Model-T, it is important that we work with all levels of government to showcase our history and that people understand where our city came from. Applying and researching grants provided by the Provincial and Federal governments are simple and effective ways to secure funding for local arts projects


How do you personally engage with arts, culture and heritage in Windsor-Essex?

As a Current member of Kordazone Artistic Productions Board of Directors I have been an active participant in the theatre community for the last 6 years. From being an actor on stage to stage manager behind the scenes it has always been an important aspect to learn all the positions that make a theatrical show possible. I have also had to opportunity to work with young up and coming artists in the fields of music, sculpture, and visual arts. Having been a student at Walkerville Collegiate Institute and having many friends involved in the extended arts programs, I know how important arts, culture and heritage can be and how they directly effect someones way of life.