ACWR – Vanguard Youth Arts Collective: Call for Members!
The Vanguard Youth Arts Collective is a group of creatively driven youth who act as a voice for...

The Vanguard Youth Arts Collective is a group of creatively driven youth who act as a voice for an emerging generation of the arts within the Windsor Essex region. We nurture creative development by fostering connections within the community. We hope to enrich the artistic culture in our community through youth engagement.

Our goals are to:

1. Act as a vital resource for young artists.

2. Raise awareness for the importance of artistic endeavours.

3. Promote collaboration between all disciplines of artistic practice.

4. Generate opportunities for young creatives in Windsor Essex.

Vanguard members are change makers within the city by reinforcing their mission through a variety of involvement including: workshops, art festivals, exhibitions, and programs. Vanguard members plan and lead community outreach events for youth throughout the city, contributing to the artistic fabric of their city. Vanguard meets monthly and communicates throughout the year to plan and work on its initiatives and events. Members also participate in a variety of activities including tours, workshops, and museum and gallery visits to foster professional development.

The Vanguard Youth Arts Collective is currently recruiting new members to join their team. We are looking for creative individuals who are interested in the planning and implementation of arts events and programs; interested in promoting the arts within our community; committed to one (1) meeting per month with additional activities, programs, and events; and more! This is a great opportunity to meet other young creators and makers, develop your artistic skills, become a leader, gain experience in event planning, and work as a team to better the community! Join today!

To apply, please visit or email

Or, apply online here: