Roundtable is seeking artists and other creative practitioners to take part in its 2023 Remote Residency program. Roundtable is...

Roundtable is seeking artists and other creative practitioners to take part in its 2023 Remote Residency program.

Roundtable is a peer-mentored and self-directed experimental artist residency program, with an emphasis on emerging artists. The primary goal of the residency is to assist artists in the development of their practice, and to facilitate collaborations among artists and other practitioners with disparate methodologies and experiences. To this end the residency will provide online critiques and studio visits, professional development opportunities, and facilitate online social gatherings amongst Residents. We will also be providing free online space to create and exhibit work, as well any and all technical support we can provide in order to help Residents realize their work within an online format.

Operating since 2013, Roundtable has served close to 200 artists and other creatives, operating in both an in-person and online capacity. After much consideration and discussion, the Board of Directors and the Creative Director have unanimously decided that 2023 will serve as Roundtable’s final year of operation. We are incredibly proud of the work we have collectively accomplished over the last decade, and even more proud of everything that our many residents have achieved both during and after their time with us. We are also profoundly grateful to those who preceded the current Roundtable team, whose hard work and initiative created the residency in the first place. Special thanks is owed to Morris Fox, Brandon Dalmer, and Meg Fox, who founded and housed Roundtable, respectively. While we are sad to see what they started come to a close, we have done everything we can to ensure that Roundtable has operated in accordance with the values it was conceived with, and we thank them for all they have provided to us and our community.

This said, our goal is to make 2023 an especially memorable year for the residency. One in which we both continue to grow, as well as honour everything that the residency has been over the past decade. To that end, we have decided that our final season will once again bring back the tradition of a yearly theme, returning to the theme of the very first residency in 2013. That theme is PASSAGES, which feels more than fitting as we bring Roundtable to a final close.

Despite operating entirely online, the residency is still open to practitioners of all kinds, including those working in traditional mediums. Roundtable has always been committed to providing a venue to all artists, regardless of medium, making our Studio Residency program open to New Media and web artists, performers, writers, and all others whose work does not fall within the limits of a conventional studio practice. Now, as conditions dictate that we operate exclusively online, we will further this commitment by doing whatever we can to help those working in more traditional, physical mediums to translate their work to a web format.

Selected artists will work both individually and collaboratively to develop distinct, well-rounded artistic works and projects throughout the course of the program. This will culminate in a final online exhibition of finished works, works-in-progress and other experimental outcomes of the residency. The final exhibition will be hosted on our website for one year (or more) following the end of the 2023 Residency.

The goal of our 2023 Remote Residency is to provide opportunities and community to creatives who value experimentation, collaboration and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, and whose practices and perspectives may not be reflected within existing residency programs. Residents will be encouraged and supported to connect with the other participants of Roundtable and the broader arts community as well as to stretch the bounds of their own work and practices through critiques, discussion groups and the unique challenges of online exhibition.

This is an open call to artists, writers, and all other creative individuals that wish to take part in the 2023 Remote Residency.



Emerging and pre-emerging artists and other creative practitioners

Those working within both online-friendly (New Media, web art, audio/visual, etc.) and more traditional mediums (such as sculpture, performance, painting, and so on)

Those interested in taking on the challenges posed by a Remote Residency

Those who enjoy feedback from their peers and wish to collaborate with artists and other creatives in varying disciplines

Anyone whose work or practice resonates with the theme of PASSAGES, taking as expansive an interpretation of that theme as possible.



For further information on the application process, please contact us at:


Please note that this is a free Residency, with no application costs or other fees. As we are operating entirely online, we are not offering studio space nor any in-person meetings. Unfortunately, we are also not able to offer artist fees at this time.