Emma Sorrell

University of Windsor Intern

Emma Sorrell (she/her) is an artist based in Windsor, Ontario. Her practice is inventive, explorative, and process-oriented; centered around relationships between contrasting materials and figurative subjects. She works primarily with wood veneer and acrylic paint, blending the craft discipline of marquetry with painting to create a hybridized media.

Emma has had work exhibited at local galleries such as ArtSpeak Gallery and most recently at the School of Creative Arts, where her work was showcased in the 2022 BFA show: In This Space, Out of Place. In early 2022, she learned a lot about gallery management and hopes to expand her knowledge of curation and gallery direction. Following the completion of her BFA in 2023, she will take time to explore and develop her artistic practice. Her future includes using her skills to establish a creative business.


What is your role with the ACWR team?
University of Windsor, ACWR Intern

What is your favourite part about being involved with ACWR?
My favourite part of being involved with the ACWR is having the opportunity to learn more about, and be a part of the growing arts community in Windsor-Essex.  ACWR is welcoming to all artists, experienced and emerging, and I’m excited to be working with an organisation that understands the importance of the arts and everything that it adds to this community through aspects like education, and human connection.

What makes ACWR important to the Windsor region and to local artists?
ACWR is an important part of the city as it offers a safe space for artists and community members to practice their creativity freely.  ACWR holds a number of workshops and events as a way to allow people to come in and learn and experiment through making art.  ACWR is unique in the way that it pertains to artists as well as anyone who doesn’t have as much knowledge or experience in the arts and just wants to be more involved. The arts community in Windsor-Essex is undoubtedly growing and the ACWR is a great organisation that welcomes all. 

Are you an artist?  Can you tell us about your work?
I am a visual artist and grew up with my focus being on figure drawing and painting.  In recent years, I have floated towards the more sculptural techniques of marquetry, and use that historical form of art as a new way to study and perceive the figure.  

What are some ways that you like to show your appreciation for art?
I like to show my appreciation for art by attending all forms of arts events within the city.  I mostly attend gallery shows, shows by local musicians, and theatre productions.  I also try to do a lot of research on contemporary artists as a way to refer back and use an artist and their process, an art piece, or a show as a form of inspiration for my own creative thinking!

How does art help you in other areas of life?
Art is a prominent aspect of most people’s lives.  Whether or not someone identifies themselves as an artist, I think it is important to consider that all forms of art are used and appreciated everyday and are used as an outlet for many.  Journal entries, the buildings we walk past, the songs we choose to listen to, the films we watch – we are constantly immersed by art, and it’s crucial in our environment and in everyone’s daily life.


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