BIPOC Film Resources
BIPOC FILM RESOURCES Updated Listings for film supplies, resources, workshops, education and grant opportunities to aid BIPOC Film...


Updated Listings for film supplies, resources, workshops, education and grant opportunities to aid BIPOC Film Artists in pursuing their practice.

Presented by Arts Council Windsor & Region in Partnership with Nola Cooks


    LIFT – Liason of Independent Filmmakers (Toronto, ON Canada) – Well rounded organization that offers resources, equipment, industry connections, education and project overviews.
    Caffenol (Online) – Alternative approaches to film development. Using other materials as opposed to harsh chemicals.

    V Tape (Online) – Distribution organization that acts as a library source for video and new media.

    Agnés Films – (East Lansing, MI, USA) – Create video content that explores women’s experiences behind the camera and engages non-filmmakers in the issue of supporting women’s films and videos.

    Arts & Entertainment Plan (Canada Wide) – Insurance plans for all types of artists and creatives.

    Revolver Films (Toronto, ON Canada) – Film Production company with a wide variety of portfolios and partners in television, film, and advertisement.

    Charles Street Video (Toronto, ON Canada) – Gear rental, community projects, residencies, workshops, creative development, etc. Well rounded organization that focuses on all aspects of the digital and film industry.

    Internet Archive (Online) – Non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

    Fem Film List (Toronto, ON Canada) – Searchable, shareable database of women + gender non-conforming folk who work behind the scenes in the Toronto film industry.

    Film in Colour  (Online) – Hub to support and recognize Canadian POC Filmmakers. This resource includes updated Open Calls.

    Indigenous Screen Office (Toronto, ON Canada) – Events, Festivals, Funding, and Creative Opportunities listings for screen industry Indigenous creatives.

    Arts Council Windsor & Region (Windsor, ON Canada) – Non-profit organization that serves all disciplines of individual artists, arts organizations and non-arts partners in promoting, developing and realizing creative activity.

    CineFAM (Toronto, ON Canada) – Annual Film festival to support the creative initiatives of Women of Colour. Training & and other resources available.

    Film & Entertainment Industries, Economic Development & Culture (Toronto, ON Canada) – Online resource and instruction on how to pursue finding filming locations, gathering permits, and producing films within city regulations in Toronto, ON.

    HireBIPOC (Canada Wide) – A roster of BIPOC creatives in Canadian tv, film and media. They do not just hire film makers, but a variety of roles that are apart of the film making process

    SAW VIDEO (Ottawa, ON Canada) – Grants/ Volunteers/ Equipment rentals– all in support of diversity in film


    Hamilton Community Darkroom Project (Hamilton, ON Canada) – Provide facilities, equipment and workshops to visual artists in Hamilton and the surrounding communities who are working with analog filmmaking and photography.

    New Wave Pool (Online) – Specialized in selling vintage cameras and AV equipment

    Creative Post (Online) – Post production editing services for hire, editing suites for rent.

    BESPOKE Audio/Visual (Toronto, ON Canada) – Audio and visual services available for hire to prepare for events, gatherings, and/or sets.

    Niagara Custom Lab (Toronto, ON Canada) – full service motion picture film laboratory.

    Habibi Film Rentals (Toronto, ON Canada) -Professional level motion pictures cameras, lenses, lighting and support.

    Joe Sutherland Rentals (Toronto, ON Canada) -Rental for video production, HD and 4K Cameras, etc.

    Keslow Camera (Toronto, ON Canada) – Rental of Camera equipment, techs for hire, repairs, etc.

    Pie in the Sky Studios (Toronto, ON Canada) – Equipment, Studio, and Personnel available for rent for shoots and film productions.

    Cadrage Director’s Viewfinder (Phone App) – Cadrage allows you to line up your shots with precise framing previews of any professional camera/lens combination and make sure everybody is on the same page during preproduction and on set.

    Artemis Pro (Phone App) – Digital viewfinder for smartphones

    Make-up Artist Directory (Online) – Online resource to look up makeup artists all over Ontario and Canada

    Frame Discreet (Toronto, ON Canada) – Restoration, Colour correction, and film scans.

    VFX Resource (Online) – Production Apps for filmmakers.

    Framio (Online) – Cloud based collaborative editing platform

    Miro (Online) – Online collaborative editing and workspace

    Mural (Online) – Online collaborative editing and workspace

    Notepad + Pro (App) – Notetaking and planning app, shareable, digital notepad.

    Production Pro (Online) – Digital Rehearsal Platform

    Teradek (Online/App) – Stream video in real time from a camera or video source and watch it on your iOS device.


    Black Women Film! (Toronto, ON Canada) – Master classes and leadership programs for Black female identified Filmmakers and Creatives.

    BIPOC TV & Film (Toronto, ON Canada) – Grassroots organization/collective that offers networking opportunities, panel discussions, workshops. and secure employment for BIPOC talent in the television and film industry.

    The D-Word (Online/Worldwide) – Online community for documentary filmmakers.

    Fem Script Lab (Toronto, ON Canada) – Skillshare/ critique writing lab for women and non-binary screenwriters.

    Intimacy Coordinators Canada (Toronto, ON Canada) – Facilitate communication between directors and their performers boundaries for sexual performance in television and screen productions.

    WIFT (Toronto, ON Canada) – Mentorships, Internships, Awards, Programming and collective networking events to promote diversity in the screen industry.

    Women on Screen (Toronto, ON Canada) – Webseries, podcasts and social events to encourage the success of women on all sides of the screen.

    Hamilton Artists Inc. (Hamilton, ON Canada)- In addition to their annual Photophobia: contemporary moving image festival, Hamilton Artists Inc. hosts many creative calls for submissions and will be offering a workshop series to incoming and immigrant artists.

    Regent Park Film Festivals (Toronto, ON Canada) – Toronto’s longest-running, free community film festival, and is the sole community film festival in Canada’s largest and oldest public housing neighbourhood.

    Scriptation Webinar (Youtube) (Online/Worldwide) – Discussed how Scriptation can empower you to navigate the new world of digital scripts, shorter work days, remote collaboration, and social distancing without compromising your production workflow.

    Hollywood Camera Work (Youtube) (Online/Worldwide) – Quick Start Tutorial for Shot Designer from Hollywood Camera Work. Shot Designer makes it ridiculously easy to block complex scenes, complete with Camera Diagram, Animation, Shot List, Storyboards and Director’s Viewfinder.

    Cast & Crew (Youtube) (Online/Worldwide) – How to create and manage your digital profile, digitally accept offers, e-sign your onboarding documents, and complete your timecards on the go – all while leaving paper behind and keeping your social distance.


    TAIS – Toronto Animated Image Society (Toronto, ON Canada) – Artist run production centre for independent artists, traditional and experimental animation techniques, residencies and exhibit opportunities available.

    SAVAC – South Asian Visual Artists Centre (Toronto, ON Canada) – MONITOR is their longstanding experimental South Asian film and video program, opportunity to show work and work with international curators. SAVAC has other opportunities for exhibiting work and participating in residencies.

    Trinity Square Video (Toronto, ON Canada) –  Trinity Square strives to create supportive environments, encouraging artistic and curatorial experimentation that challenge medium specificity through education, production and presentation supports.


    Canada Media Fund  (Toronto, ON Canada) – The CMF guides Canadian content towards a competitive global environment through fostering industry innovation, rewarding success, enabling a diversity of voice and promoting access to content through industry and private sector partnerships. Delivers financial support to the Canadian television and digital media industries.

    OAC (Toronto, ON Canada) – The OAC’s grants and services to professional, Ontario-based artists and arts organizations support arts education, Indigenous arts, community arts, crafts, dance, Francophone arts, literature, media arts, multidisciplinary arts, music, theatre, touring, and visual arts.

    Windsor Endowment for the Arts (Windsor, ON Canada) – Funding, support and promotion for arts in the community based on merit and artistic vision. Submissions accepted for all artistic mediums.

    Ontario Creates (Online) – Promotes, enhances and leverages investment, jobs, and original content creation

    Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund (Windsor, ON Canada) – Funds projects from $500 – $5,000 Bi-Annually

    Canada Council for the Arts (Online) – Funds Individual, Partnership, or Collective projects in Canada.

    Toronto Arts Council (Toronto, ON Canada) – Artist grant opportunities for all creative disciplines. Including specialized grants for Indigenous Art Projects.

    ED Video (Toronto, ON Canada) – Well rounded organization, with specialized production grants for BIPOC artists available.

    Niagara Art Centre (Niagara, ON Canada) – Call for submissions, gallery showings, and film screening partnerships.

    Media City Film Festival (Windsor, ON Canada – Detroit, MI USA) – Annual international festival of film and digital art, fellowship and call for submissions advertised annually.

    Indigenous Arts & Culture Partnerships Fund (Toronto, ON Canada) – Supports partnerships and collaborations that create new opportunities and visibility for Indigenous-led arts and culture. The fund aims to spark new relationships between Indigenous artists, arts and culture leaders and professionals, and potential partners at both the grassroots and institutional levels.

    Group Effort Initiative (TBD) – Having 10 – 20 trainees join a film set to get real hands on experience. Paid gig and housing provided. Applications to be released soon.

    The 8 Fest Small-Guage Film Festival (Toronto, ON Canada) – Film festival that presents all forms of small-gauge film: 8mm, Super 8 and 9.5mm, as well as works in installation, loops, personal, handmade, experimental, animations, diaries, essays, collage, cut-ups, performance/film, music/film and ‘proto-cinema devices’ like zoetropes


    Tottering BIPED Theatre (Hamilton, ON Canada) – Free Sound equipment & operators for BLM protests.

    Film Fatales (Toronto, ON Canada) – Non profit, advocates for parity in the film industry, supports an inclusive community of women and non-binary feature film and television directors nationwide.

    Women in View (Toronto, ON Canada) – National not-for-profit organization dedicated to strengthening gender representation and diversity in Canadian media both on screen and behind the scenes.

    Imagine NATIVE (Toronto, ON Canada) – Film festival and screening opportunities for indigenous creators to gain a platform and recognition.

    Toronto ReelAsian International Film Festival (Toronto, ON Canada) – Festival showcase of contemporary Asian cinema and work from the Asian diaspora.

    Racial Equity Media Collective (TBD) – Currently a collective being developed to increase production, export and sustainability of BIPOC content.

    Inclusive Stylist Toronto (Toronto, ON Canada) – Promoting diversity and inclusivity within the costume design/ wardrobe stylist industry.

    Directors Guild of Canada (Toronto, ON Canada) – National labour organization representing over 5,000 key creative and logistical personnel in the screen-based industry covering all areas of direction, design, production and editing.

    Documentary Organization of Canada (Toronto, ON Canada) – Research, advocacy and consultation for Canadian Filmmakers looking to pursue the festival industry.

    Gallery 44 (Toronto, ON Canada) – Charitable, non-profit, artist-run centre committed to supporting multi-faceted approaches to photography and lens-based media.

    CARFAC (Provincial) – Organization dedicated to updating minimum fee schedules, and recommended rates for proper artist compensation.

    Toronto Arab Film Festival (Online) – Free online screenings of films by creators of the Arab community.

    Living Hyphen (Online) – Well rounded organization with many resources to offer, including: Online storytelling and writing workshops, resources for BIPOC creatives, COVID-19 relief, and Calls for submissions.


    Windsor International Film Festival (WIFF) (Windsor, ON Canada) – WIFF is a cultural, not-for-profit organization that celebrates the art of cinema by showcasing Canadian and International Film and Filmmakers. Through unique programming, education and exhibition, WIFF strengthens and enriches community while promoting the creative economy.

    BIPOC TV&Film (Toronto, ON Canada) – BIPOC TV & Film is dedicated to increasing the representation of BIPOC both in front and behind the camera.

    imagineNATIVE (Toronto, ON Canada) – imagineNATIVE inspires and connects communities through original, Indigenous film and media arts. It showcases, promotes, and celebrates Canadian and international indigenous filmmakers and media artists. It is committed to a greater understanding by audiences of Indigenous peoples, cultures, and artistic expressions.

    CineFAM (Toronto, ON Canada) – 1-day film festival; and a partnership with the Durban Filmmart to develop South Africa/Canada co-productions led by African women.

    SAW Video (Ottawa) – not-for-profit, artist-run media art centre that fosters the growth and development of artists through access to equipment, training, mentorship, and programming. Our mission is to support a diverse community of media artists empowered by technology, programming and the exchange of ideas.

  • COVID19

    COVID compliance Services (USA/Online) – Team that creates COVID-19 action plans for sets and production companies to work safely.

    PreCheck (USA/Online) – Team creates COVID-19 action plans, offers resources, and introduces guidelines for Industry professionals.

    Health Education Services (Online) – Training to become a COVID compliance Officer for TV, Film and production sets.

    Saniset (USA) – Sanitizing equipment for safe film sets

    Film Tools (USA) – Sanitizing equipment for safe film sets

    PURE sets  (USA) – With highly trained staff, appropriate supplies, and disinfection methods that minimize infection risk on set and throughout the production process, they work with filmmakers to create comprehensive solutions customized to the specifics of any production situation.

    Emmy’s Resources (Online) – Joint Report of the DGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE and Teamsters’ Committees for COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

    Art Director’s Guild (Online) – Safety Protocol during the Pandemic

    NPI (Online) – PPE sold in wholesale for sets


    CMHA (Canada Wide) – Canadian Mental Health Association

    Black Health Alliance (Toronto, ON Canada) – Provides an extensive list of resources for housing, food, mental health and more for the Toronto Black community

    Art Hives (Canada Wide) – Art Therapy for BIPOC communities across Canada

    Arts’ Health Alliance (Toronto, ON Canada) – Provides health and wellness support for all artists of all disciplines and backgrounds

    FACTOR Canada (Canada Wide) – Provides a list of mental health services for artists in Canada

    Black Women in Motion (Toronto, ON Canada) – Youth-led organization that empowers and supports the advancement of black women and survivors of sexual violence.

    What’s Up Walk-In (Toronto, ON Canada) – Free, virtual, mental health counselling


Nola Cooks

Nola started doing stand up comedy at the age of 19 in Calgary, AB. Which made her audition for the Humber Comedy Program in Toronto, because Alberta is terrible. There she received the 2011 Eugene Levy Writing Award, and she continued to perform around Toronto and New York. She’s appeared at Yuk Yuks Toronto, Broadway Comedy Club, Gotham comedy club, and The Laughing Devil. Nola has also hosted a number of comedy nights and produced her own stand-up shows From Fat Katz to “This is what good comedy looks like” Show.  After relocating to Toronto, Nola exposed systemic racism within the University of Windsor’s film program with her article “Confessions of a Deservedly Angry Black Woman”. Currently, she works with analog photography and film to tackle misrepresentation in the media.