Samantha Enriquez

Social Media Coordinator

Samantha developed her interest in drawing at the age of six and began painting at the age of fourteen. Her preferred medium is acrylic but soon hopes to experiment with oil as well. Samantha took up drawing again in 2017 after having focused on photography during high school. Samantha’s style can vary from realistic to somewhat abstract, but whether it’s drawing, painting or photography, bright colours and texture are key elements in her work.

Her main inspiration comes from wanting to highlight the beauty in the banal things of everyday life. Things like colours that compliment each other in the walls of a home, somebody’s makeup paired up with the colours in their outfit, or the pastel colours in a sunset and the dim lighting on their face making them look warm are just some examples of what Samantha would use as inspiration to apply later in her art.

Coming from a Mexican background and being born and raised in Mexico herself, Samantha has always been passionate about dance. She took jazz lessons in her elementary school years, and when she moved to Canada she took up dance again in grade 10 through 12, this time for hip-hop. She is now taking a break from dance to focus on visual arts but hopes to eventually keep working on her skills as a dancer, and wishes to be a dance instructor one day.

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