Kristina Bradt

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Kristina Bradt (she/her) is a multidisciplinary visual artist from Windsor, Ontario. Her work revolves around the study of people, their everyday surroundings, and the connections and interactions between the two. She is known for her body of work that utilizes fortune cookies to highlight themes of belief, luck and mass print production. She enjoys working with both traditional and digital media but is currently focused on the realm of public art. After earning her BFA from University of Windsor (2017), she began working as a Gallery Preparator at Art Gallery of Windsor. She has completed a variety of art commissions including Public Art Lab Burlington, WIFF Alley, Windsor’s 125th Birthday Mural and the West End Art Project. In 2020, Kristina received the Lois Smedick Emerging Artist Award through Windsor Endowment for the Arts, and became President of the Vanguard Youth Arts Collective. She recently took on the role of Programming Coordinator at Artcite Inc., an artist run centre in Windsor to help bring exhibitions, arts programming, and opportunities to artists in her region.

Her recent work as a community artist includes Windsor’s 125th birthday mural (2017), the WIFF ALLEY Beautification Project (2019), City of Burlington’s Public Art Lab Exhibition for Culture Days (2019), and the upcoming Art Fresco Community Arts Project for City of Waterloo (July 2020).

Kristina has stayed involved by volunteering her time with the Together We Flourish Arts Collective, Vanguard Youth Arts Collective, University of Windsor’s School of Creative Arts, and the Art Gallery of Windsor’s Docent Gallery Guide program.

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