Kristina Bradt

ArtsNotes Newsletter

Kristina Bradt has participated in a number of public art projects, exhibitions and artist talks during her emerging practice as a visual artist. Her personal art practice is rooted in drawing, installation and multimedia. She is known for her body of work that utilizes fortune cookies to highlight themes of belief, luck and mass print production.

Her recent work as a community artist includes Windsor’s 125th birthday mural (2017), the WIFF ALLEY Beautification Project (2019), City of Burlington’s Public Art Lab Exhibition for Culture Days (2019), and the upcoming Art Fresco Community Arts Project for City of Waterloo (July 2020). Kristina has been a Featured Artist for the Art Gallery of Windsor’s Sundays in the Studio Program, a drop-in all-ages studio class and also works as a preparator with their exhibition installation team.

Kristina has stayed involved by volunteering her time with the Together We Flourish Arts Collective, Vanguard Youth Arts Collective, University of Windsor’s School of Creative Arts, and the Art Gallery of Windsor’s Docent Gallery Guide program.

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