Kaylyn Pickering


Kaylyn Pickering (she/her) – is an emerging artist working in large scale mixed media and installation art. A principal theme in her work is portraying human emotion and connection through magical realism. This strong emotional content is a direct reflection of her own ominous experiences and fragmented memories. Primarily she works with copper and other metals, presenting these masculine materials with a feminine fragility to create a beautiful juxtaposition of chaos and clarity. She refers to her practice as a subtle alchemic manipulation of materials- combining seeming mythical properties to the traditional industrial materials that surrounded her from a young age growing up in the automotive industry of Windsor, Ontario. Following the completion of her Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts at the University of Windsor, she has gone on to work alongside fellow artists to create and exhibit locally. In addition to her solo exhibition Rogue (2019), her work has been featured in the Tchotchke Project (2019), the Tiny Art Show YQG (2020) and the zine publication, Virtuality (2020).

Kaylyn first developed her interest in creating art from found materials as a young child. Little did she know that the small walks she took with her grandmother collecting found objects from the streets would later foster her creative process. She believes her ability to take and create from recycled materials is a direct reflection of her aspirations to be a fabricator. Kaylyn has continued her research and collection of found objects as she pursues her investigation of the mind and study of our private thoughts and public personas.

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