Stephen Drouin

Program Advisor

Stephen Drouin is a local Windsor born artist and activist that strives to bring forward ideas and innovation for youth and LGBT+ individuals in the Windsor-Essex Community. Over the years Stephen has been committee chair on the board of Windsor Essex Pride Fest and volunteered his time to ensure the most success for the organization. In addition to his involvement with the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest, he has also in recent years applied and successfully received three grants from the Arts Culture and Heritage Fund through The City of Windsor. The funded projects; Project Meet was a DIY Screen printing class, that taught skills of screen print. The second grant Sew to Know was Sewing classes that taught individuals how to sew different garments as well educated them what different machines were, how they worked and used them. The third was for Art on Culture Fashions Show that held an artistic line produced by local artists and designers in Windsor-Essex Stephen believes in not just in the Windsor-Essex Pride Fest but the Windsor Essex community as a whole and promise to make best impact he can as the organization’s secretary into the near future. “Windsor has given a lot to me over the years and I think it’s my turn to do the same”

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